Place border choose two or more colors choose your first color go up one then start using two as if you were doing a small triple single place three capping bands

Step 1: Looping

Go under the caping band take the two rubber bands under it and loop it forward then continue on each row don't loop them in the middle then after you loop all of them loop them to the middle

Step 2: Pull of and Enjoy

Pull it off softly and add it to your bag or something
I mean your tutorial is really really stpd........
I mean your tutorial is really really stpd........
Sorry, but you have never told the proper steps. But anyway your tutorial is really .......... You can understand what i am trying to tell<br>
it seems you have skipped alot of steps in this charm :-( im very confused and disappointed
<p>Yeah, can't understand anything. Could you please make the same instructable but more detailed and please don't skip steps.</p>
How does it look finally? You never tell properly

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