So I got a request for a cat from Abigail02, so thanks to her, this 'ibles was possible! She has an amazing profile and some great Instructables, so check out her profile! Anyways, today I'm going to hopefully show you how to make this super cute cat! It's pretty simple and if you have made my Pickachu, then this will be very easy=) Enjoy!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this charm, you will need...
•Any Loom
•Loom Pick or Crochet Needle
•Loom Bands Of Any Color

Step 2: Holding Band

During this tutorial, you will be using double bands. So take double bands of your main body color and place as shown.

Step 3: Placing Double Bands

Now place the bands as shown to create the cat's face.

Step 4: The Neck

Place double bands as shown to make the neck.

Step 5: The Shoulders

Place double bands as shown to create shoulders for your cat.

Step 6: The Kitty's Tummy

To make the cat's stomach, you will need two colors: your main body color and your second body color. Place double bands as shown.

Step 7: The Cat's Legs

Place double body colored bands on both sides of your loom for the cat's legs.

Step 8: Arms

Now place double bands as shown for arms. Then twist a single second body color for the paws around the pegs shown four times.

Step 9: Ears

Take a single band and twist it around the two pegs shown once, creating two layers. Do this to the opposite side. Then twist a single second color band around the pegs shown four times.

Step 10: Horizontal Band

Step 11: Another Horizontal Band

Step 12: Three More Horizontal Bands

Step 13: Bottom Band

Follow the pictures to see how to fix up your cat's bottom.

Step 14: The Eyes

Without going into any bands, grab the eye bands and hook them over the peg as shown. Repeat this process for the other eye.

Step 15: The Nose

Take a single light pink band and wrap it around your hook three times, creating four loops. Then slide this onto a single body color band and place as shown.

Step 16: The Tail

Wrap a single band around your hook three times. Then slide this onto two bands. Loop it over and slide this onto two more bands. Continue until your house is long enough.

Step 17: Starting to Loom

Follow the next steps to learn how to loom your cat.

Step 18: Middle

Step 19: Arms and the Left Side

Step 20: Under the Tail

Step 21: Under the Arm

Step 22: Right

Step 23: Neck

Step 24: Beginning the Face

Step 25: Middle

Step 26: Looming the Ears

Step 27: Oh No!

If one of your bands break, that's okay because you doubled the bands! When you remove the cat, you will not be able to see the mistake.

Step 28: Left and Right

Step 29: Holding Bands

Loom forward your holding bands. Then you will see two layers. Loop the bottom layer over the top layer and tug.

Step 30: Remove and Fix

Your cat will be a little bit messed up at first, but tug and pull and it'll be fixed=)

Step 31: Tada!

Now you have an adorable little cat charm! Thanks again to Abigail02 for requesting this! If you would like to request a tutorial, please leave a comment! Thanks for viewing!
<p>i like your nails how did u do that??????</p>
I actually went to a nail salon and got those done! Thanks for commenting! But I myself suck at doing nails so if you like it maybe you can screenshot it, bring it to a nail salon, show them, and ask them to copy the design!
So cute! You should make a guinea pig!
<p><strong>you really should make a tiger like that and do it the same </strong></p>
Did not work at all
I'm really sorry, but if you're a beginner, you may not want to start off with something like this. Maybe you should try something more simple, such as a bracelet?
some of the steps were confusing but with some trial and error.. got it to work. thx
no problem :)
Super cute<br>
<p>Thanks pthud! I agree with you... It's cute alright! </p>
Adorable charm!
this is great!!
<p>Thank you doodledoos=)</p>
that is so cute
<p>Thanks peach girl XP</p>
i finally got it to work
<p>Wow, I love it, Unicorn101!</p>
Luv ur nails
<p>Thanks! </p>
Thanks for this so much!! I will be trying this!!!
<p>Good! Show me a picture when you're done, Abigail!</p>
I spent like an hour on this and it came apart when I took it off the loom :(
<p>No way! Oh my goodness I'm so sorry! Did you try again? Did you figure out what was wrong? And where exactly did it start to come apart?</p>
How?! Could u tell me what's your secret;-)
<p>Hmm, I think that it's just a matter of being patient and having a fresh mind for fresh ideas. And I'm not sure how it all happens so quickly=) But thank you!</p>
cute idea loompiggytutorials
<p>Thanks, peach girl! Oh, and both the way, I'm working on the Olaf tutorial right now=)</p>
Wow! I knew you could do it, unicorn101!
tgis was a bit tooooo hard for me
they are soooooo cute
I have a request
Wow this is a brand new instructable and you got so many views and comments<br>
Meow meow

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