Loom Fish Tale Bracelet





Introduction: Loom Fish Tale Bracelet

About: I love mustaches, the color aqua, hippos, and duct tape!! I love to hang out with friends and I've always wanted to go to paris;)!

Step 1: Materials

Loom Colorful rubber bands Crochet hook

Step 2:

Get one rubber band and make it into a crazy 8 and put it on any 2 pegs on the loom and push that down the put to more rubber bands on top of that normally

Step 3: Stitching

Now take the crotchet hook and hook the bottom rubber band the one you put on first and carry it to the top and do the other side and push it all down

Step 4:

Now add another rubber band on to thatch keep doing that pattern it may not look like your getting anywhere at first but it's getting somewhere just keep doing that pattern on eve your done you can take a it off and put a c clip on it



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    you can use your fingers

    I didn't copy I posted this in August


    Thanks so much!;)

    Great! I love the colors and detail! Love it <3

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