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Indian band are the headband that people were in India it's a mixes loom types such as tight , & loose it should take you 10-20 mins

Step 1: Get Your Tool

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If you have the material continue if you don't stop reading and get the supples needed. Material. - S clip, C clip and the circle clip. - Rubber band. - Hook. - Toothpick - And last but not least skill.

Step 2:

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Start making the loose way

Step 3:

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Then switch up the loose way with the tight way

Step 4:

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Do the loose way one more time and on it the shape of your head start to connect the clips

Step 5:

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Make a second piece and connect that piece to the first one

Step 6:

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Pop a rubber band and connect the piece to the bead

Step 7:

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And connect it to the second little piece and then your done

Step 8:

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And then your done


mcharles8 (author)2014-09-01

Do you know how to spell?

Newell_Jalynn (author)2014-01-02

its not loose and tight way its chain and fishtail

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