Picture of Loom Knit Blanket
This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a nice blanket for a loved one
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Step 1: Gathering Your Materials

Picture of Gathering Your Materials
What You'll Need: A rectangular loom Yarn color(or colors) of your choice Yarn needle Sewing needle Scissors

Step 2: Preparing Your Loom

Picture of Preparing Your Loom
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Next you need to pick a side to start on your loom even though it really doesn't matter which. Now take your yarn. If your yarn is thick you could use 1 strand of yarn. If not, find the point where your yarn will come out of. There should be 2. One at one end of your yarn and another already pulled out.

Step 3: Slip Knot

Picture of Slip Knot
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The first thing we need to do is to make a slip not. There are many ways to do this. Method 1:wrap the yarn around your index finger twice leaving the loose strand pointing toward the ground and at the end of your finger. Now pull the leftmost strand over the one on the right. Next take the string that was originally on the right and pull it back over the string that is now on the right. Now hold the loose strand pull up on the only strand left on your finger. Now you have a slip knot! Method 2:make a loop in the yarn(don't tie it). Next insert the loose strand of yarn into the loop. Now catch it between your index finger and your thumb. Now pull on your working yarn(strand connected to the rest of your yarn).