Step 3: Turn Around

After wrapping the very last peg on the the top row, pull the yarn straight down between the two last pegs on the bottom row.

Wrap the yarn counter-clockwise around the last peg on the bottom row.

Pull the yarn up and wrap it clockwise around the last peg on the top row that does not have yarn on it.

Continue wrapping clockwise on the top and counter-clockwise on the bottom until you get to the left-hand end of the loom.

This completes a single row.
<p>Love it :) Im gonna use this for my Hufflepuff scarf :D (Im a Huffle-dor XD and the only hufflepuff at my college :P) but I might make my friend a Gryffindor scarf as well :) (she's the only Gryffindor at her school XD)</p>
This is an amazing instructable! I really have to achieve a knitting loom somewhere. <br> <br>I know it's probably difficult to say anything about, but could you give a hint to, how long it takes to make a scarf as long as the one in the picture?
this looks really awesome!
it's not hard for me to love it: I love Harry Potter and I love knitting :)
Neat! I've never seen a loom like this used before! It looks like it makes a really nice, comfy and warm scarf :D
Yes, it does! It is so luxurious!

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