Step 4: Casting Off

In casting off the yarn is tighter and is a little harder to use. You should have one loop on each peg. Pull the loop off the second  peg and put it on the peg to the left of it. Pull the bottom loop over the top loop. Take the loop on that peg and put it on the empty peg. Repeat with the next pegs until the loom is empty. The finished project will look like the second to last picture below, and if you turn it inside-out, it will have a striped pattern like the last picture. Congratulations you have knitted on a loom!!!
If you work the yarn towards the inside the tube will go down thru the ring and you wont have so much trouble with the anchor pin catching on your work AND It's easier to see your work that way. Use a Crochet hook with skinnier yarn so it is easier to work.
Lettucehead (author)  bryandhispup4 years ago
I've tried that before, and your right it does!