Step 4: Casting Off

In casting off the yarn is tighter and is a little harder to use. You should have one loop on each peg. Pull the loop off the second  peg and put it on the peg to the left of it. Pull the bottom loop over the top loop. Take the loop on that peg and put it on the empty peg. Repeat with the next pegs until the loom is empty. The finished project will look like the second to last picture below, and if you turn it inside-out, it will have a striped pattern like the last picture. Congratulations you have knitted on a loom!!!
The instructions are confusing
<p>i dont really understand</p>
<p>I learned to knit following an excellent guide I found <a href="http://easy-knitting.weebly.com" rel="nofollow">HERE</a>.</p>
Is this akin to spool knitting? <br>Just out of curiosity. I've done spool knitting before, but never loom knitting. :3
Yes and no. Yes because the process is basically the same. No because the different sizes and shapes of looms create a much wider array of projects that can be completed (chain vs socks, hats, scarves, sweaters, afghans, pot holders, you name it.)
In a way you are right. I had a spool knitter when I was young with four nails on it. The best ones have four pegs or wire loops for easier access lifting the yarn and then pulling the tail down into the hole. I am making a spool knitter at the bottom of my P knitter for making hat cords or for making projects. I loved it as it was the first knitting I ever did.
Yes it is! I love both! :) But in loom kniting you usually use thicker material like yarm, and in spool knitting thinner material.
Love this!!! I loom knit, and have heard needle knitting hurts your hands! You can even do an amigurumi-esqe things with looms,too!! It Is VERY fun for small children too! Instead of the hook they provide, a latch hook works better and faster in my opinion .
Thank you!!! :) I actually never use hooks, i use my fingers.
Its also good if you loop it too tight
I love loom knitting too.. Recently I made a loom out of the letter D and added removable pins so I could work with sock weight wool. Please take a look if you could. Your instruction was very well done.
If you work the yarn towards the inside the tube will go down thru the ring and you wont have so much trouble with the anchor pin catching on your work AND It's easier to see your work that way. Use a Crochet hook with skinnier yarn so it is easier to work.
I've tried that before, and your right it does!
poor kitty
What a wonderful, beautiful and patient cat!
Ha ha thanks!

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