Introduction: Loom Skeleton Hand

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So I made an instructables on this same loom thing a while ago, but the pictures were horrible! Soooo, I decided to make another tutorial on it, but better. This is a very easy thing to make, so enjoy...

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

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For this skeleton hand, you will need...
•1 moveable loom
•rubber bands
•s-clip or c-clip
•beads (optional)
•loom pick or crochet needle

Step 2: Single Band

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For this entire tutorial, you are using single bands only!

Step 3: Bee? Nope!

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Take a bead and a single band. Push the band through the bead. I'm using black bands and yellow beads, so that sort of looks like a bee. Then transfer to your loom.

Step 4: Repeat

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Repeat the band then bead process until you reach the end of your loom. If you have smaller fingers, make them shorter.

Step 5: Cap Band

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You will make a total of six (6) cap bands throughout this tutorial. To make a cap band, twist a single band around the end twice, as shown.

Step 6: In and Over

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Then go inside of the cap band and grab the single band that goes forward. Then loom as normal until you reach the end of your loom

Step 7: One Finger Done

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Now you have a finger done. Take it off of your loom and transfer it to your pencil . Make four (4) more fingers and put each on your pencil.

Step 8: Give Me Five

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When you have finished making all of your fingers, you can make the wrist part.

Step 9: Move It

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Take apart your loom and use a base to connect two pieces, as shown. And sorry that the pictures are getting so dark. An awful storm was coming=(

Step 10: Begin

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Place three single bands on your loom. Then, transfer one finger to your loom. Repeat this process until you have all five fingers on your loom.

Step 11:

Picture of

Step 12: Cap Band

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Twist a cap band around the end of your loom two times.

Step 13: In and Over

Picture of In and Over

Go inside your cap band and grab the single band that will go forward. Loom like normal until you reach the top of your loom.

Step 14: How to Put On

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First put an s-clip or c-clip at the end of the wrist part. Then, take the whole thing off of the loom and attach the ends together. To put on the hand, put on the wrist part and put the cap band at the end of each finger around the tip of your finger.

Step 15: Wear and Enjoy

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Then wear your creation and enjoy! Thanks for viewing!


pthud586 (author)2014-07-26

How about coooooooooooooooool

Cool! Very unique use of the loom!

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