Okay, I know Halloween isn't for a while, but I couldn't wait to post this! It's a super cool skeleton hand that can be worn on any occasion! Okay, maybe not=)

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Let's gather the supplies...
Skeleton Hand:
•Lots of Rubber Bands
•1 s-clip or c-clip
•Moveable Loom (Or a normal one, I guess)
•Optional: 25 Beads
52 steps..
It looks really cool and fun to wear but, it looks a little tight on your hand.. Because of your thumb. But other than that good job! I love your ideas and instructables=)<br>
Yeah, me either, but its easy and simple and if you don't want to buy a Halloween costume, you can just wear these=)
<p>Wow, cool, I've never seen a rainbow loom project like this before!</p>

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