You will need a border color and ten of each color to make the stars

Step 1: Placing the Bands

Place your border bands around your loom with the arrow facing away from you then make the stars in a counter clockwise direction

Step 2: Looping the Bands

Put a capping band on the end of the loom go under the capping band and take the other band and loop it forward and then take the first one under the capping band and loop it to its band and continue for all the stars then loop your border taking the one from the bottom and putting it forward .

Step 3: Wear and Enjoy

<p>You just kept giving the same pictures! You didn't give pictures to tell how we have to loom and place our bands. You should look at other people's instructables to make your instructables understandable.</p>
This is the worst instructable ever
No u didnt u just wrote u need pics
I did
arent you gonna tell us how to do it ?

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