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Introduction: Loonful Knits!

Every year I visit Lake Winnipesaukkee in New Hampshire and have come to love and respect the loon population. As I am an avid knitter, I decided to try to come up with some "loony" knits. I used Lion Brand Woolease to assist me (as it is so soft and easy to work with) http://cache.lionbrand.com//yarns/woolease.htm

The first loon inspired thing I made was a Christmas tree ornament. (I ended up making 12 of these) They adorn my tree now since last year, although I have grudgingly parted with a couple of them to best friends! I then progressed to two Loony stockings. The green one (second attempt) turned out better than the blue one. Finally, as I love my cup of real British tea made in a warmed tea pot at breakfast, and love to knit tea cosies, I knitted a "loony" tea cosy, which I like very much. All the patterns were my own inventions.

Here are the loonful results!



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Lovin' your loons. I have happy memories of Loon Island on Lake Sullivan in ME and would love to make these. Sadly my "inventiveness" is not as bountiful as yours!

These are so cute! and I did finally find the link for the stockings instructions. Would you consider posting instructions here for these which you designed yourself? Many of us aren't as accomplished as you and cannot just look at something and figure out how to make it - and darn it! I want to make these! :) beautiful work, and fabulous for inspiring others to learn more!

I wish I could knit! Those are absolutely precious! *Obviously I am quite partial to Loons* ;)

You're posting great Slideshow stinkymum! The duck at the beginning looks great, nice job!