Create your own good looking and inexpensive loose leaf tea canisters.

Step 1: Making the Canisters.

I have been brewing a lot of loose leaf teas lately. I wanted to purchase some nice canisters to hold the teas in. Everything I found in the stores was either really expensive or ugly.

I saw a bunch of tin canisters with Christmas prints in the sale bin at the craft store for less than a dollar each. So, I purchased the canisters, some pretty paper by Paper Sourceand Mod Podge.

I cut out paper to fit the canisters, and used a paintbrush to apply Mod Podge to the tin and glue the paper in place. The lids were a little tricky. I cut out a circle and thin strip for the sides of the lid. Once the glue dried, I painted on a few layers of glue over the paper to seal it. Now I have a nice set of canisters that match my kitchen colors.

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