Loose Paper to Notepad (easy & Cheap)


Introduction: Loose Paper to Notepad (easy & Cheap)

Flyers & homework sheets printed on one side – don’t throw away, put it to good use!

Materials – loose paper, 3-4 small binder clips

Step 1:

Line up loose paper in pile. Optional: put a front & back cover, e.g. cardstock, cardboard, etc.

Step 2:

Attach binder clips along one edge

Step 3:

Remove metal handles from clips – start writing!


Q. What to do with metal binder handles? A. Throw them at unsuspecting llamas

Q. Can I leave binder handles on? A. Be my guest, but don’t come running to me when llamas attack!

Q. Clips are too small! A. Use less/smaller paper, or bigger binders

Q. Clips are too big! A. Use more/larger paper, or smaller binders



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