Loose USB Cable????





Introduction: Loose USB Cable????

Do you have a loose USB cable? Here I have a solution to that problem.

Step 1: Problem

What if you charge your phone the whole night and it is still not charged, because off a bad connected USB cable? yes, well you day will be ruined!

Step 2: Equipment


- A knife or a needle, something with a thin point.

- The broken USB cable.

- A phone with micro USB connector.

Step 3: The Culprit

The small pins are for locking your cable to your phone. By using the cable a lot after a certain time the small pins will not connect your phone and USB cable properly enough.

Step 4: Solution

Use the small point en pull the two pins a bit. When this is done the phone still charge good without bad connection of the USB cable!!!!!



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    this hack is so great!!! THANKS!! just used it on my external hard drive AND my moms cell phone charger it worked for both!


    11 months ago

    thank you soooooooo much for this hack

    i always have this probem and usually just buy new cable , i wasted so much money just buying them, now i tried this and it worked like magic THANKS

    to keep the prongs from quickly flattening again, use sewing thread to wrap 3-4 times around and UNDER the weak prongs, tie off. Even my cheap cable works perfectly with that reinforcement.

    I go though lots of cables, because of this problem, with my Nexus 6.
    I've used everything including surgical blades to try and pry them back out.
    Most I can't get under the tabs, to pry them back out.
    anyone have a suggestion for these?

    Good tutorial!

    I used to be tech support for Verizon Wireless and whenever I got a charging issue call, this was one of the first things I'd have my customer try.

    However, may I make one small suggestion?

    This is one of those instances in which OP should remind people to UNPLUG THE USB CABLE BEFORE messing with it.

    I realize it's one of those things that really shouldn't have to be said, but in the interest of accepting how, uh, silly our fellow human beings can be, it might be a good idea.


    1 year ago

    Oh myy! I was having a headache because of this problem with my wacom tablet. It keeps saying that USB not recognized "malfunctioning". It would work if i would put pressure and push hard with it. I reinstalled the drivers, restarted the computer several times, even peeled off a little part in the ends! all this time, it was just that. Dang. Thank you so much! Saved me a few bucks from buying another usb cable/ new graphics tablet.

    USB cable not working? jab it with a pointy stick. The End.

    Where is the 'question' part of your 'have a question part'

    Any ideas when the connector in the phone is the problem?

    1 reply