Lose Weight With Coca-Cola!





Introduction: Lose Weight With Coca-Cola!

This Instructable will show you how to craft dumbbells(weight) ,from used Water Bottles

Step 1: What We Will Need.

Empty water bottle,sand and water.

Step 2:

fill bottle,sand

Step 3:

Flood bottle water and close.

Step 4: Finished!

Craft many dumbbells(weight)...and bodybuilding ; ) !

Always Coca-Cola ; )

1 litre compact sand+water~2kilogram.

Good luck!



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    I wonder if there would be a way to make holding these easier. I have very small hands and I couldn't hold it without dropping it, I'm sure. :P

    11 replies

    you can fashion a handle out of the barrels of cheap pens that you can take apart (usually the BIC pens with that endcap of the color of the ink (ie. blue/black, etc) and then thread parachute cord (AKA...550 Cord) through the barrel and tie the rope to the neck of the bottle. ;) thank god for 550 Cord...saves the day again...lol

    You could use a bottle that has a handle prebuilt into it. Perhaps a half-gallon milk or orange juice bottle? It would weigh almost the same, a half-gallon is only a small fraction smaller than a 2 liter bottle.

    No, one gallon is slightly less than two liters.

    you are all aware that there are two types of gallons - Imperial and US
    1 imperial gallon=4.54609188 liters
    1 US gallon== 3.78541178 liters

    instead of one you could use 2 bottles and stick a wood(or pipe) through them. To hold the bottles in place you can drill a hole right through the bottle(at the place where the cap is)and the wood(or pipe) and and put a nut and bolt through the hole. I once made a barbell from jam tins. It weighed like 10 kg. That was more than a decade ago.

    you could hot glue straps of cloth or super glue depending on the weight.

    With a piece of narrow-gauge PVC pipe around the rope as an actual handle.

    As soon as I saw this instructable I thought of the exact same thing...

    rope would be the best way to go...

    Whew... Bodybuilding... I though i had to DRINK it...

    2 replies

    You must drink it before, that's the problem.

    I mean: Lose weight DRINKING Coca-Cola (maybe adding something inside...)

    what if some one mistakes that for soda because when you shake the soda you get brown fizz

    1 reply

    Hopefully they'd notice the odd consistency when they poured it into their glass. lol >.

    Wouldn't the sand eventually grow mold?

    I am afraid I don't follow.

    minor point, in step one:

    step 1What we will need.
    Empty water bottle,sand and water.

    But you use a Cola bottle :-)