This Instructable will show you how to craft dumbbells(weight) ,from used Water Bottles

Step 1: What We Will Need.

Empty water bottle,sand and water.

Step 2:

fill bottle,sand

Step 3:

Flood bottle water and close.

Step 4: Finished!

Craft many dumbbells(weight)...and bodybuilding ; ) !

Always Coca-Cola ; )

1 litre compact sand+water~2kilogram.

Good luck!
I wonder if there would be a way to make holding these easier. I have very small hands and I couldn't hold it without dropping it, I'm sure. :P
you can fashion a handle out of the barrels of cheap pens that you can take apart (usually the BIC pens with that endcap of the color of the ink (ie. blue/black, etc) and then thread parachute cord (AKA...550 Cord) through the barrel and tie the rope to the neck of the bottle. ;) thank god for 550 Cord...saves the day again...lol
You could use a bottle that has a handle prebuilt into it. Perhaps a half-gallon milk or orange juice bottle? It would weigh almost the same, a half-gallon is only a small fraction smaller than a 2 liter bottle.
No, one gallon is slightly less than two liters. <br />
Actually 1 Galon = 3.78543 Liters<br />
you are all aware that there are two types of gallons - Imperial and US<br>1 imperial gallon=4.54609188 liters<br>1 US gallon== 3.78541178 liters
instead of one you could use 2 bottles and stick a wood(or pipe) through them. To hold the bottles in place you can drill a hole right through the bottle(at the place where the cap is)and the wood(or pipe) and and put a nut and bolt through the hole. I once made a barbell from jam tins. It weighed like 10 kg. That was more than a decade ago. <br>
you could hot glue straps of cloth or super glue depending on the weight.<br />
Tie rope handles around the lip of the mouth.
With a piece of narrow-gauge PVC pipe around the rope as an actual handle.
As soon as I saw this instructable I thought of the exact same thing...
rope would be the best way to go...
Whew... Bodybuilding... I though i had to DRINK it...
You <strong>must </strong>drink it before, that's the problem.
I mean: Lose weight DRINKING Coca-Cola (maybe adding something inside...)
what if some one mistakes that for soda because when you shake the soda you get brown fizz
Hopefully they'd notice the odd consistency when they poured it into their glass. lol >.<
Wouldn't the sand eventually grow mold?
I am afraid I don't follow.
minor point, in step one: <br/><br/>step 1What we will need.<br/>Empty <strong>water bottle</strong>,sand and water. <br/><br/>But you use a Cola bottle :-) <br/>
When i was much younger i lifted can of beans :P
In Soviet Russia, Coca-Cola pops you.

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