Never Lose Your Cell Phone





Introduction: Never Lose Your Cell Phone

How many times have you dropped your phone or keys between the car seat and the console? I can't count the number of times my phone had ended up under my car seat. Well this will never happen again. Wished I had thought of this years ago.

Step 1: Never Lose Your Cell Phone Again

Purchase a pool noodle or pipe insulation and cut it so it will fit between your car seat and the console.

Step 2: Lost Cell Phone Never Again

Put the pool noodles on both sides of console.

Step 3: Lost Cell Phone Never Again

Push the pool noodles down as far as it will go. You will never loose your cell phone or anything between your car seat again.



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    Glad you like it TaNinyaB.

    Oops! cowcrusher

    Glad you like it cow rusher.

    Not just phone.. all the crumbs that get down there.. this helps me thanks

    Thanks Marhar, glad you like it.

    Great idea! I often drop my phone like this. I never worry about losing it (I know right where it's at), but it does worry me that I'm going to scratch it pulling it out. Thanks!

    Thanks chuckstake glad you like it.

    Thanks Ricardo Furioso