MacGyver Style DIY Tip Based on a Survivor Man Episode





Introduction: MacGyver Style DIY Tip Based on a Survivor Man Episode

This is a tip from the show Survivor Man on The Discovery Channel!

This video will teach you how to kill bacteria in dirty water, in the wild, with only a plastic bottle, a string and a lighter or match.

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Step 1: Finding Water in the Wilderness Without a Stream or Running Water

If you're on a hike or camping and get lost, what do you do if you don't have water? Sure you can go a short while without it, but what if you're lost longer than a few hours? This instructable will teach you how to take almost any water source and make it safe to drink to stay alive.

For this instructable, we're assuming all you have is a lighter (or matches), a piece of string and an empty water bottle. Any container will do as long as it holds water.

If you can't find a stream or source of running water, look for a mud puddle. If you can't find a mud puddle, try to dig a hole deep enough so water seeps in the hole.

NOT SHOWN: As an added way to filter the dirt, you can place a shirt or piece of material over the opening on the bottle and use it as a filter to prevent large pieces of dirt from entering the bottle as you fill it.

Fill the container with water from the hole.

Step 2: Tie the String to the Bottle

Using the string, tie it to the neck of the bottle so you have something to hold it away from your body with.

Step 3: Start a Small Fire

If you have a lighter or matches great! Gather some dry leaves, pine needles or dead grass, twigs, sticks and branches to build your fire. If you don't have a lighter or matches, you'll need to use a more advanced instructable to start a fire with other objects. This instructable assumes you have at least a lighter or matches to light your fire.

Step 4: Hold the Bottle of Muddy Water Directly Over the Flame

Once your fire is started, hold the plastic bottle directly over the flame. The water inside the bottle will prevent the bottle from melting. Make sure the flame doesn't go higher than the water level in the bottle or it WILL melt above the water level!

Keep the bottle over the flame until it begins to boil. Let the water boil for several minutes to kill any germs or bacteria in the muddy water.

Step 5: You Can Now Let It Cool and Drink the Water

Once the water cools down, you can drink it. It won't be the best tasting water you've ever had, but it will keep you alive!

This instructable is based on a tip from the show Survivor Man on the Discovery Channel.

This is Colin's very first instructable so please rate it if you enjoyed it!



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    My concern is that most of these bottles shrink when you put boiiing water into them. the picture showed no lid. If the bottle did not shrink and eject all of the water, I wonder if the water got hot enough to kill the microbes. I will try this myself soon.

    I have a better idea.  Unless you are in the absolute wilderness with absolutely no one around, find a road or trail (preferably a road.)  Start walking down this road or trail.  When you see a town, house, or anyother form of civilization, walk to it and ask somebody for water.  Or, if no one is home and it is urgent, enter the house, take some water, and leave without leaving a trace.  What someone doesn't know can't hurt them.  Just dont die from a renagade guard dog!

    although that is not a very "acceptable" thing to do, if it is a dire situation you should do it.

    Though it seems that it has been some time since a comment has been posted on here I feel that I must come to Les Strouds defense with this nice video of Bear Grylls, actually drinking his own urine which I must urge, is most likely just water and a good act. In no way, has Les ever implied nor done this (on camera at least). Here you go.

    Bear Grylls is nothing but a faker. Once the cameras are put down he walks right on over to his tent where he eats pre-packages food

    dont use plastic it releases chemicals.
    use the bottom of your shirt at least to stop some of the dirt going in.
    also use fabric to filter it agiain as your drinking it.

    the concept is there but the materials were incorrect

    exactly right.... if water looks like mud, you shouldnt drink it.

    If you're desperate for water, you don't need to worry about lead and stuff - those things are long term, lifelong exposure concerns. But sheesh, at least filter the water, and use a can, not a plastic bottle. THis instructable is bad news.

    I thought I should be a little more productive and give a better way to obtain clean(ish) water. Mind you, a filter is often better and should be used if available. Find running, clear water, such as a river or stream. Obtain water from this and put it into some kind of container. A water bottle is not preferred because it can leak poisonous and cancerous chemicals when heated. Paper cups work well and so do metal of course. Paper cups will only burn to the water line and no further. Start heating your water on a fire. Once it has reached a full boil, wait ten minutes, then take the water off the fire. It should be safe to drink.

    That is exactly why he did it, it was shocking. He did not do it to teach how to survive, he did it to shock.