Lotus Notes to Outlook Conversion


Introduction: Lotus Notes to Outlook Conversion

If you want to migrate your emails from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook PST format you need a precise NSF to PST Converter which converts NSF database created with Lotus Notes to Outlook PST format which can be accessed using MS Outlook.

Step 1:

Browse NSF File

Step 2:

Preview contents of NSF files

Step 3:

Select the format you want to save

Step 4:


Step 5:

Save to desired location



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    Before purchasing any such paid software for NSF to PST conversion, one should try an easy manual trick. Though you can't convert NSF to PST manually, but you can convert NSF into such format which is supported by Outlook client. Lotus Notes enables users to save their NSF files' data into two different formats: Comma Separated Value and Structured Text. Once you save NSF files' data into a new file, you can import that file to Outlook client. Outlook has a built-in Import utility which you can use here. Refer to this blog post detailed information - http://wordpress.semnaitik.com/2014/04/17/convert-...

    Hope the shared information would be helpful here.


    wow- i remember doing this exact thing back in 1996 & trying to get access to talk to the AS400 via netware over the 56k ISDN line. and now we have self driving cars. And Outlook.

    Thank you for the information!