Lotus Pendant Lamp- Bent Wood





Introduction: Lotus Pendant Lamp- Bent Wood

When you get into wood working...at some point you would want to bend wood.
You can laminate thin strips, steam bend or kerf bend.
I wanted to try a petal shaped  pendant lamp...since my lamp was to be light  laminating was out..so was kerf cut bends as there would be nothing to cut since I wanted to use the thinnest ply wood...that being single ply :-)

So here is an inexpensive way to try out this cool pendant lamp.
I will be doing steam bending...and for a DIYer this will be pretty easy and achievable (not a distant wish) as it requires equipment which can be found in your kitchen!

UPDATE : Once your cut your wood...and if it is the thin plywood sheet which is also called 'Door skin'  which is also the cheapest wood....you should check on this instructable.... it skips all the soaking, boiling and baking process...much easier and faster.
 Also please vote for it in the 'Lamp and Lighting Contest
Thank you.

Step 1: What You Need...

You will need one ply  plywood sheet
about 10 cm square wood plank
heat resistant dishes to the shape you want

Step 2: Template

As you don't want to go through the hassle of of cutting soaking boiling and bending and then  finding you have made a mistake I strongly suggest to make template :-)
Cut a wooden circle about 8 cm in diameter with a 45 degree bevel. Cut 2 cardboard templates of petals...one larger .

measure the diameter of the inner circle of the wooden circle  approximately..divide it by 6 and reduce a bit from the length..let's call it 'A'
Take this 'A' measurement and check for the width of it in the larger petal and cut it off...check picture for reference.
Using the template cut 6 larger petals and 6 smaller petals. hot glue it to the wooden circle and check if all measurements are to your liking...trim a bit till you get the proper size.
Once your are happy ...use the final template after adjustments  and draw on wood...now aren't you glad...you didn't go ahead and do it on the wood directly?? imagine the headache of  cutting bent wood! agh! horrors!

Step 3: The Petals

Once the shapes are cut out..soak them in a bowl for at least 24 hrs...this helps in preventing too much splits...still...it would be advisable to cut extra petals...just in case :-)
Next boil the petals in a big bowl till the water forms bubbles.....let it boil little more.

Warning ----Please take care to wear heat proof gloves as the wood is very very hot!
gather your heat proof bowls that you like the shape of ...some nice curves will do and start slowly take one petal from the pot.
gently bend your petal from the edge..shaping it and placing it in your bowl...you may add some clamps or  add another bowl to keep the petals in place. Leave like that for 24 hrs or till well dry...if you are impatient like me...pop it in the oven for a few minutes till it gets try...take care you don't burn your wood :-D

If you get splinters...don't worry...simply sand them off and then paint or stain them. paint the wooden circle too.

Step 4: The First Round of Petals

Drill a hole in the center to pass the wire. then mark the circle in 12 equal parts.
Glue the smaller petals to every other mark on the circle…I placed stapler pin so that it will hold the petal while it was drying…if you have a fast setting glue…go ahead and use it.
I think it looks pretty cute as it is :-)

Step 5: The Final Round

No...it's not a boxing match :-) haha
The curve of the larger petal will be placed in the opposite direction……I used hot glue here…
And then stapled  it too.
Now all you have to do is wire up your bulb and you set to go!
It would look great if you could like hang 2 or 3 flowers in various lengths  in perhaps a cluster :-)

Step 6: Light Up and Enjoy!

It would look great if you could like hang 2 or 3 flowers in various lengths  in perhaps a cluster :-)

And if you make a cluster of lotus flowers...please post pictures...I would love to see them ! :-)



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Thanks again...here is what I did to when I just tried out


Perhaps there is a different type of ply...I just discovered it! I was in the process of making another lamp as this was just a bit early to enter in the lamp and lighting contest
..so i got more single ply wood...imagine my surprise when this ply wood can be bent by hand and the form stays too! only it has to be gently manipulated! IF using this ply...I don't think we nee to go through the whole process of boiling and heating...you can simply bend by hand and you are done!

I absolutely love this! I'm just getting back into woodwork after quite a few years break and this has inspired me no end. Of course, considering my username, I'm very partial to this particular design. Simple, elegant and very effective - well done!

Thanks!...if you like it so much ..would you mind voting for it here say on Monday if it get's accepted?
Thanks a lot :-)

Two votes from us...My husband and me...Love it

Thank you! And pls convey my thanks to your husband too :-)

Very nice! I love it!

Thanks! :-)

Hrm, I would gladly vote but....how? I don't see any vote buttons.

:-) it should appear in a day or to for the furniture contest... I kind of uploaded it at 2am my time...so thanks... Looking forward to your vote ;-)