Louie: an Amigurumi Monster


Introduction: Louie: an Amigurumi Monster

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A lot of people seem afraid to try amigurumi and I wanted to do something fairly simplistic but that still had decent impact and might get others excited about this particular type of crochet work.

Enter Louie, the name I gave to my monster.

He's based on a sphere for which many patterns can be found about the internet and the wings are basically chains and felt.

To make him, I sketched a couple different designs, looked at many other patterns, and mostly winged it from there. The hardest part was probably his horns which could easily be omitted. His face could be changed, his tail could have a spade added or something else entirely.

As with all amigurumi, the key is to go one step at a time and connect everything later. His wings *do* have a wire armature, which makes them very pose-able.

He is weighted with a handful of marbles and I made the bottom of the sphere flat, so sits just fine by himself. Look at pictures and notes on each picture for some more details about my little monster.



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    Thanks! It was something much different crochet-wise for me. I've made ornaments (hence basing him on a sphere), doilies, and other than that it's been clothing. Hats, scarves, accessories.