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Introduction: Lounge Sofa

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Here is my first instructable for a lounge sofa i made recently.
Pics only for now. i'll try a step-by-step later.

the sofa measures metric:
3,65cm length,
110cm depth
68 cm height.

Seating area is 302cm x 075cm.
and  seating height 35cm.

I was inspired by the diy sofa from Eric Dialpaz.

Basically i made a wooden frame and used
elastic singelband,
high quality pantera foam SG52 7 years warranty
coarse woven fabric.

i did some research on how sofas are made and i decided to build my own after watching many youtube video's and checking various websites. Here are build and finished pics. well i still making a seperate seating cushion measuring 80cmx80cmx35cm. and 4 sofa pillows measuring 75cmx35cmx10cm.



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    Nice structure n I'll try to make it for my home thanks

    Awesome job. Does the PDF download have all the details? I'm thinking of making a built in and wanted to get an idea from your design, but wanted to confirm since I'd have to sign up for PRO. :D

    Hey! This is a great idea! can I ask how much did you spend on the full project?

    Good one mike! Pretty good quality eh?

    I really liked, is a modern design. how did you fold the fabric in the corners? your the sewed by inside?

    Any chance to get websites where you bought foam, fabric and elastic band?

    Hi there, I was wondering if you can email me the plan of how to make the couch if possible. My name is Mimas and my email is : mimas.khodr@gmail.com

    Thank you

    I have been thinking about making my own couch, so far these photos helped me understand how to possibly do that. I was wondering if you were still going to do a step-by-step?

    Really cool. How long did it take you to build it?

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    i think about 36 to 40 hours

    Not bad!

    i spend a total of 700 euros on the couch alone.
    0,- wood (i used some i had left from my conservatory build)

    250,- pantera foam for the seating 250)

    130 foam for the back and side rests

    260,- furniture fabrick cheap 13 meters at 20,- per meter
    60,- dacron and elastic band

    700,- totaal

    2 years on it's still very comfortable! even sleeping on the coach is comfortable. when we have a guest sleeping over they love he couch. :-)

    Genial, excelente!! te felicito muy bien hecho...

    Zuluman? Las Vegas, rainbow 6 3, and a son nicknamed red?

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    i really dont know what you are talking about.

    Excelente idea!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    mine is here