Here is my first instructable for a lounge sofa i made recently.
Pics only for now. i'll try a step-by-step later.

the sofa measures metric:
3,65cm length,
110cm depth
68 cm height.

Seating area is 302cm x 075cm.
and  seating height 35cm.

I was inspired by the diy sofa from Eric Dialpaz.

Basically i made a wooden frame and used
elastic singelband,
high quality pantera foam SG52 7 years warranty
coarse woven fabric.

i did some research on how sofas are made and i decided to build my own after watching many youtube video's and checking various websites. Here are build and finished pics. well i still making a seperate seating cushion measuring 80cmx80cmx35cm. and 4 sofa pillows measuring 75cmx35cmx10cm.
Nice structure n I'll try to make it for my home thanks
<p>Awesome job. Does the PDF download have all the details? I'm thinking of making a built in and wanted to get an idea from your design, but wanted to confirm since I'd have to sign up for PRO. :D</p>
<p>Hey! This is a great idea! can I ask how much did you spend on the full project?</p>
Good one mike! Pretty good quality eh?
I really liked, is a modern design. how did you fold the fabric in the corners? your the sewed by inside?
<p>Any chance to get websites where you bought foam, fabric and elastic band?</p>
<p>Hi there, I was wondering if you can email me the plan of how to make the couch if possible. My name is Mimas and my email is : mimas.khodr@gmail.com</p><p>Thank you</p>
<p>I have been thinking about making my own couch, so far these photos helped me understand how to possibly do that. I was wondering if you were still going to do a step-by-step?</p>
<p>Really cool. How long did it take you to build it?</p>
<p>i think about 36 to 40 hours</p>
Not bad!
How much did it cost in total?
<p>i spend a total of 700 euros on the couch alone.<br>0,- wood (i used some i had left from my conservatory build)</p><p>250,- pantera foam for the seating 250)</p><p>130 foam for the back and side rests</p><p>260,- furniture fabrick cheap 13 meters at 20,- per meter<br>60,- dacron and elastic band</p><p>700,- totaal</p>
Is this comfortable?
<p>2 years on it's still very comfortable! even sleeping on the coach is comfortable. when we have a guest sleeping over they love he couch. :-)</p>
Genial, excelente!! te felicito muy bien hecho...
Zuluman? Las Vegas, rainbow 6 3, and a son nicknamed red?
i really dont know what you are talking about.
Excelente idea!!!
Thanks for sharing! <blockquote> <p> mine is <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-stylish-sofa-bed/" rel="nofollow">here</a></p> </blockquote>

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