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Introduction: The Double Decker Couch

About: I am a 26 year old North Dakotan boy. I like stuff that's good and stuff that's good likes me too. Life's good folks. Let's make it better.

This is one of those ideas that if not all of us, at least a good portion of us, had thought about and slightly believed that it was their idea. Putting a couch on top of another couch just seems absurd. Who can blame us for thinking about how ridiculously AWESOME that idea is! The Lego Movie "reminded" me of that long lost Double-Decker couch that "I" had invented just a few years ago in my head....I think. And it was set, the game was over for me, and the soon to be "Love Bracket" was born. I never finished the movie.

Step 1: Log Arm Rests

I wanted the armrests to be solid wood stumps so I went hunting in my back yard, found an old dead tree and cut up my armrests. I planed, cut, sanded, and clear coated wood to cover the metal along with the armrests. The cushions are made from foam, cotton, and fabric.

Step 2: Accessorize and Few Touch Ups

I made a cup holder..of course, a small ladder(for the ladies), my last clear coat, and she is finally ready to go. Uffda digs it.. As you can see.

Step 3: Breakin It In

Lots of hours spent, frustrating at times but in the end it's all worth it. And it didn't take long to earn its name, behold my "Love Bracket"

Step 4: Finished Product

Step 5: For Those Who Were Wondering

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    This is so cool!!

    it's a double decker couch!!! lord business will never find you

    1 reply

    If you like this creation you'll like my others also along with more to come check out my website at I'm updating it so up again by next week. All my stuff is different and usually awesome any great ideas is love to hear.

    I must say where the name came from so it's just as enjoyable for everyone else as it is for me. But everyone know what a love handle is? Well haven't you ever felt like either yourself, a friend, or whoever has a little bit more to grab onto than a handle? Well these are the other know "Love Brackets". And it goes with loveseat but that is such a terrible name which it deserves actually because it only seats 2..ha suckas

    Thanks folks and sorry for late response been workin some late nights. Mr. Danger ladies need a ladder so that they may not need assistance to get up and there shall be a view from above or below which ever preferred. Also if they do need assistance with the ladder it's a pleasure also because there's only one way to help a lady up a ladder. Yes ufda does own that spot and totally right who needs it eh.. Jessyratfink Thats awesome if that's ur name but I was thinking a bit more of a competitive game possibly with teams top against bottom, 1 tv because it's a projector and 105" very nicely accomodates the bracket, speaking of which I will in next post, but probably some NHL. Not a sports fan but o the action and competition. Ny thanks I appreciate it from everyone but I don't know if I will have 4 people here anytime soon but I can do it when it happens or something else for scale if interested? Thanks hope everyone enjoys the pics and im sure we will be seeing much more of these in the near future. Any1 start building yet? Haha

    Awesome job! I'd really like to see a pic with 2 adults on the bottom and 2 up top... Just so I can gauge the size. Great couch!!!

    Perhaps this is the solution to constantly fighting over who gets to play Far Cry 4 - two TVs, two PS3s and a double decker couch. :D

    Nicely done!