Picture of Love Gauge
I'm working together with my wife. But sometimes one of us has an external appointment.
So, if one of us is thinking about the other, we want to show it together.

For this, I have made an Love Gauge for us.

It stands on our desktop, or you can carry it somewhere else, cause it has an WLAN module.

If one of us thinking of the other, you can open the website and move the pointer to an message. The pointer of the Love Gauge on the desktop is moving to the message, and you know the other is thinking of you.

If you want to build it you need an internetserver, an servo and an arduino with network shield. I used an reaDIYmate board with WLAN.

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Step 1: Design

Picture of design
I have made an sketch with CorelDraw for the wooden parts and the background for the remote control program.

We have engrave and cut the wooden parts with an laser.

Step 2: Fix the servo

Picture of fix the servo
Now you put the servo inside the scale. It is an small cheap servo, cause the pointer is very light.
I fixed it with an sticky tape and two screws.

Step 3: Fix the pointer

Picture of fix the pointer
First you need to set the servo with an computer to 90° and switch it of.

The diameter of the hole in the pointer is so small that you don't need an screw to fix it. You can just press it on in the vertical position.

Step 4: Bottom plate

Picture of bottom plate
Now you can put the scale and the front cover in the bottom plate.

The display of the Love Gauge is finished.

Step 5: Connect with the arduino

Picture of connect with the arduino
The servo is now plugged into the ReaDIYmate board. It has an connectors for the servo, no need to solder.
uberleo2 years ago
I'm making one! Any suggested mods for this?
rlarios2 years ago
This is a very nice project! I have no excuses now to keep dragging my feet to get into Arduino...

Congratulations !
J-Five2 years ago
That is so cute, also I figured you from Germany, my last name is german
meaning 2 liter beer mug
lighttamer (author)  J-Five2 years ago
Then I replay "Prost" ;-)
No what's funny my first name means "healer".
benekeneb2 years ago
Very fun! Do you have the translations of the different ranges? I only recognize "I Love You" :)
Left to right:

I love you
I miss you
My heart for you
I'm thinking of you
I kiss you
brauni2 years ago
Let me add the translations for the ones being curious:
"Ich liebe Dich" = I love you
"Ich vermisse Dich" = I miss you
"Mein Herz für Dich" = My heart for you
"Ich denk an Dich" = I'm thinking of you
"ich küss dich" = I kiss you
ChrysN2 years ago
How sweet!