Love Potions (AKA Skittles Vodka) are a great gift for your dream girl on Moping Day...I mean Valentine's Day. It took about three days to brew these concoctions so make sure you start early enough. I got the basic recipe from mixthatdrink.com/skittles-vodka-tutorial/ but made a few changes in terms of proportions. 

Step 1: What you'll need

Solo Cups
Coffee Filters
5-6 Flasks/Bottles - I used 10oz Orangina bottles (great to drink while making this stuff)
5 plastic bottles - I used Gatorade bottles because of the wide mouth and screw top (also great to drink)

2 pounds of Skittles
1.75L of Vodka
WHERE did you get those cute little bottles? I love them & want some too! Thanks.
Those are simply empty Orangina bottles. They're awesome
 So, could you make a non-alcoholic version using carbonated water or Sprite?
I honestly don't know how that would turn out but my instinct says no. I don't think the water would dissolve the skittles that well or take on the flavor. The Sprite would probably work better, however I think you would lose a lot of the carbonation in the process. Maybe if you grinded up the skittles before adding them to the sprite it would help<br />
if your goal is simply non-alchoholic fruitiy drink, uh, Kool-aid? Or a squirt of flavored syrup or candy flavors in sprite, adding a drop or two of food color if needed. You can make condensed Kool-aid and thin it out with club soda if you want a carbonated version.
&nbsp;Yeah.. After I posted I thought about the carbonation... But I think I'll try it with Sprite sometime. Thanks!
These are <em>amazing</em>!! We didn't have any fancy bottles, we just put them back in the gatorade bottles but we're planning on finding some pretty ones for next time! Everyone loves them. There isn't much alcohol taste to it, especially for doing a shot of vodka. It has been deemed &quot;The shot that chases itself&quot; since the skittles aftertaste makes you forget you just took a shot! <br /> <br /> As far as sprite goes, the vodka wound up very sweet and it might be too much sugar.<br />
&nbsp;Thanks I'm really glad you enjoyed them. I like &quot;The shot that chases itself&quot; label
Ive never seen bottles like that, or, heard of orangina for that matter. Where is it from? Does the resulting liquid taste like skittles?
http://www.orangina.eu/en<br /> <br /> The potion gives you a good shot of skittles sweetness before the vodka kicks in<br />
Nope, not at all! Orangina is basically orange juice.<br />
Orangina is the best drink ever, and you can do so much with the bottles.<br />

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