Love Wall Hanging





Introduction: Love Wall Hanging

A simple wall hanging.Inspired by the LOVE I have for my wife.!!

Step 1: Finding Wood

Wood can come from any number of sources, the wood for this came from a neighbors trash. The wood I started with was originally used as bed slats. The fiber-wood bed fell apart but the slats were 4" pine with rounded edges

Step 2: Cutting Wood to Size

After removing some old staples, I cut the 3/4" of each side making the wood 2.5"

I cut all the wood to length for my design, 6" and 12" followed by a quick sanding.

I started to lay the pieces out and had to get the angles for the V..I used some scrap to check the cuts.

Step 3: Final Assembly

With the pieces all cut to size and the angles right for the V, I was time to assemble.

I used a nail gun to hold the parts together.



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    Is it (and however you attached it) strong and balanced enough to use as shelving?

    That looks great! How did you attach it to your wall? How big did it turn out being?

    The finished product ended up being 26" high by13 wide

    I cut a small keyhole in the frame to hang it on the wall