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Ever been in a relationship where you need to keep it a secret? Well..bring back morse code and have your love know as a reminder everyday your words and only you ( or somebody else who knows morse code) able to read what your saying. I would have loved to make the necklace Ive seen all over the internet but I like using my own ideas and I LOVE LEATHERCRAFT. 
This isnt impossible for someone to do if they dont have leather tools. 
What youll need- 

Keychain ring
Seeder stamp
Black paint
Xacto Knife for painting- Watch ...
Mallet..Marble board
In the picture I have a bullet concho- because my theme is love is war haha very funny. Goes well with morse code too
Cement glue
You wont need the swivel knives I just used a pen
Super shene to protect your leather if you like.

Step 1:

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I couldnt think of how to make an identical two sided pattern til I thought back to kindergarten valentines day cards! Fold the paper in half and draw that shape below and cut. 

Step 2:

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Trace your heart pattern both times.. you will then cut this out but NOT the adjoining piece in the center that will fold together. Because of the type of leather I used I cut another heart out in red leather that was able to be tooled. The black would not be workable beyond the heart.

Step 3:

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Morse code 101


Step 4:

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Wet the leather you will be tooling and making marks on.

Second photo shows the seeder tooling first.

Next, Is the dashes. I used an Xacto knife gently to make the slits (that a word?)

Step 5:

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Using contact cement glue the heart together (I also trimed off those little hairs I use nail clippers )

Using an Xacto knife I barely painted the code ,even that was too thick

Glue the heart on with contact cement

Step 6:

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Next I made the hole with my leather puncher , this will be where the keychain ring goes.

Add the keychain(If you cant find any, check your keys there always an extra one there for some reason)

Step 7:

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Had to hot glue the bullet on. 

Ready to give for valentines day!!


FlatLinerMEDIC (author)2012-02-01


sunshiine (author)2012-02-01

This is very creative! Thanks for sharing!

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