Hello! I made some hearts for my friends for Valentine's day.
They are very easy to make. Just print the model, copy on a piece of paper and cut. I usually write something on them...but I thought to make something unusual. So I made some crazy pics hehe...Take a look:)
<p>this is what i am making:)</p>
This is great, you could use this to "accidentally" bump into someone and "accidentally" kiss them xD P.S. Press the "reply" button on the right of a person's comment if you want them to know you talked back to them
Smart idea, and I like the idea of giving them out! Smart idea as in the words on it, and giving them out. :P Nice job anyways!
you know all your comments are so encouraging. i applaud you for that. and you're literally on like every instructable i see and i went throug ha million! haha keep up the good ...feelings ahha :-) - alvincredible
Thanks! :-)
Thanks I'm glad you like it:)

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