This instructable gives you a step by step on how to create a one of a kind robotty. All the parts I used to make this besides the electrical equipment came from my local art store, AC Moore. 

By the end of the steps you should have your own LoveBot Robotty that can sense and replicate your own heartbeat. 

Hope you enjoy! 

Step 1: "Solder Like A Pro"

Parts Needed:
2 Boards
Soldering Gun
9V Battery

Oh goodness. I was definitely a noobie when I started this project so if you are too then trust me I feel your pain. If your a "pro" well ... im jealous. Anyhow for the first step I went ahead and handled all the electrical parts for this build. 

I used two electrical boards from RadioShack ( one small and one large) and got a few packs of their LED assortment packs. 

For the smaller one i went ahead and marked out the shape of a heart and filled each hole marked, with the negative leg of the LED. I then started to "Solder Like A Pro." 

I brought all the negative LED legs to the left of the board and all the positive to the right. I learned from the master AKA my professor that you save time and room by using the legs to your advantage. When I first started soldering i was just laying out all the solder from the leg on each hole all the way across the board. It was time consuming and would actually ruin the copper spots on the board from heating it too long. So when doing this if you go ahead and extend the leg where you need it to go and only solder the endpoint then it works wayyyy better! 

Bring all the negatives to one point on the board (left) and bring all the positives to one point on the board (right). Try not to bridge the paths. 

Now once you have completed that its time to add the wire to your endpoints. And lets see if youre a zombie or not. Attach the wire to your 9V battery and if all your LEDs light up your in good shape, if not look back and see if maybe you forgot to solder some things or you bridged your + and -

Now once your done with your "heart" its time to move on to the eyes. Repeat pretty much the same steps with the larger board except do your own design for how you want them to look. 

Once your done go ahead and test it out, if all is well move on to the next step.

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