Step 5: The Box

Picture of The Box
I needed some kind of inner lid in the box so that it's innards wouldn't spill out or be seen because it really looks awful in there.

I took a CD case and cut out a fitting piece of plastic from it and spray painted the bottom of it with a golden color leaving a hole where the display is beneath it. It really didn't turn out that bad for this application as a LoveBox. For a DecisionBox as a gift to a CTO maybe a some other covering would look better.

The box should be turned on when it's opened. But most switches are activated when pressed, not when released, so I tried to make my own switch using a safety pin that would be pressed down when the box is closed and springs back up when its opened, but I didn't succeed with it.

After a bit of rummaging in my junkboxes I found a miniature microswitch that has both a normally open contact as well as a normally closed. After fitting that switch in a corner of the box it worked like a charm.
rocotillo7 years ago
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