Step 8: Finishing touches on the mitten

Picture of Finishing touches on the mitten
For the sewing machine users, we are going to hem the hand opening shut, so this is where you'll be glad now that the flannel hand opening part is longer than the fleece part.

To make a hem, fold the excess flannel in half toward the fleece, and then fold it in again so that it is over the fleece now. Pin the hem down all the way around and slowly sew it in place. Make sure you catch the two folds of the flannel and the fleece by sewing as close to the edge of the flannel fold as possible.
Tip: It helps to move the needle position to the left if your machine offers that option, then you can use the foot as the sewing guide again.

*Note to the lucky serger owners: Since you cut the flannel and fleece hand opening part about the same size, you can just serge around the hand opening to connect the two pieces together here. Then fold the edge under about half an inch and stitch it down.

Once you do both hand openings, you're done with the Lovers' Mitten! If you don't plan to make the reusable pocket warmer, then you're all done! If you want to make one, you're almost done... so let's go to the next step!