Step 2: Equipment

Picture of Equipment
One (1) bowl for beating egg
One (1) fork or egg beater
One (1) 1-cup and one (1) 1/2-cup measuring cup (or a combination of these, I only used a 1-cup measuring cup)
One (1) pot for boiling water and making coffee (it needs to hold a minimum of ten cups)
One (1) spoon for stirring the pot
Whatever you prefer to put in your coffee (if you don't take it black)
A way to filter the coffee
Something to filter the coffee into
Brita filter for filtering the water (recommended, not absolutely required)

This coffee is made in a pot on the stove, and there are a variety of ways to filter the coffee.  Here are several suggestions.

1.  If you own a coffee pot with a coffee filter and basket, you can take the filter basket out of the coffee maker, put a coffee filter in the basket, place the basket on top of the coffee carafe, and pour the coffee into the basket. This might require a second person to hold the basket still.

2.  If you own a french press, you can pour the coffee into a french press, then partially press the grounds out. If using this method, do not press the grounds all the way down or the coffee will become cloudy and receive an odd flavor. Once the coffee is filtered through the press, rinse the remaining grounds from the pot you brewed the coffee in, pour the coffee into the pot, rinse out the french press, and pour the coffee back into the french press for serving.

3.  If you have a wire mesh colander and a second pot, place the colander over the pot and pour the coffee into it. If the second pot is not large enough to hold all of the coffee, you can pour some coffee into the pot, transfer the coffee to a second container, and then finish filtering the coffee. The coffee needs to be filtered when it is done brewing. If you leave the grounds soaking in the coffee, the grounds will continue brewing and the coffee will become bitter. It might become eggy (I have never left the grounds long enough to find out).

5.  When I no longer had access to a french press or a wire mesh colander, I went to the local thrift store to see what I could find. I found a filter basket for an old coffee maker and a hot chocolate pitcher. They fit together perfectly so I could pour into the basket without holding it. I forgot to purchase filters, but paper towels make good filters.  

6.  Search your cupboards and the local thrift store for a system that might work for you. It's amazing what you will find!