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A few weeks ago i was asked/ volunteered to make a low budget but functional prop of Star Wars. Total cost of items i had to buy 13 bucks ( for 2 sabers) the rest were things i had already.

Ma First instructable so be gentle ^_^   


jm.d. (author)2013-06-19

Gracias ^_^ Ya after i published i realized i should have used the Step by step version Vs the multiple pic method. Even thou each pic has a description of items and what i did, the visual presentation, is not inviting. As theses are super simple and cheap to make i will most likely be doing a part II and go more in depth. Thanks for the comments and suggestions :)

ragu1975 (author)2013-06-19

Pretty sweet... The photos are great but next time you might want to add some text explaining what you used and how you built it, step by step... Very cool though nonetheless!

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