When starting out as a studio photographer, lights are a necessity. Unfortunately the standard cheap dish lights don't look terribly professional when dragged out to a location shoot. This instructable aims to help you create a set of simple lights that won't look out of place at a location shoot.

Step 1: Safety Equipment and Layout

 This instructable uses power tools, so safety is critical. Remember that gloves are a very stupid idea when using anything that spins. If your workpiece gets too hot while grinding put it down. 

Angle grinders should always be set on the bench with the wheel up. This prevents them from flying across the shop when you don't let it stop before setting it down.

LIGHT is IMPORTANT! If the lights aren't good enough to photograph, then they aren't good enough for power tools!
'Light cans' ...wHAT 'light cans'????<br /> <br /> (btw, re: shop safety: there is an incredible tablesaw safedevice that jams metal into the teeth of a circular tablesaw if the blade touches flesh ...i think its called a 'SafeSaw' .. if you can find it on the net, watch the INCREDIBLE video which uses a hotdog, not a finger )
What light can did you use? You didn't mention that &nbsp;in your instructions. And did the housing come as one unit? A before and after photo of cleaning the cans would be helpful. Also where did you get the housing?
These cans came in one piece, they appear to have come from some sort of track lighting system. I snagged them from a bin at Urban Ore in Berkeley. I was unable to find any brand name or model numbers on them.<br /> <br /> As to the before and after, in the first picture there are two lights visible, the light in the foreground is the after, while the light in the background has yet to be cleaned up. You can see where its plastic covering is discolored and flaking away.<br />
The body of the light is in this case referred to as a can. It's perhaps a bit esoteric.
i use desk lamps with flood light bulbs xD
CORRECTION: The saw that instantly stops on touching flesh is the StopSaw , see the video at Stopsaw.com&nbsp; ... click the upper-right box on its home page, and tell me YOU're not impressed!!!<br />

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