Low Carb Bread

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The code has finally been cracked on how to enjoy a delicious sandwich without all the pesky carbs. Both your pants and your taste buds will enjoy learning this secret for how to make low carb bread!

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Step 1: The Original Slice

Picture of The Original Slice

= 19 grams.

Step 2: Removing the Carbs

Picture of Removing the Carbs
bread 2.jpg
bread 4.jpg

Although laser cutters do not posses actual magic, what they can do is magical to me! I had fun using one to remove carbs from my slices of bread.

I started by cutting a simple cardboard jig to register the slices for the hole cutting. First, I tested two different bread slices, and then continued with the classic square style on the right.

Here's the order of laser cutting business:

1. Adjust the attached Adobe Illustrator 'jig' file to fit the perimeters of your bread slices so that they would sit inside the square or rectangle, touching on all four sides. If you'd like to make more than one or two sandwiches, I'd recommend adding two more rectangles so that you can cut more slices at once. Also adjust your canvas size to match the bed size of your laser cutter.

2. Cut your jig(s) out of a clean sheet of cardboard.

3. Lay down a piece of clean paper under the jig so that the bread slices don't touch the laser bed. (I was just testing this idea out, so I didn't worry about it here.)

4. Use the 'hole' file (adjusted to your particular bread slice) next. It took 3 vector passes to cut the circles all the way through my bread.

5. Before removing the slices from the jig, do one vector pass of the diagonal '1:2 cut' file (again, adjusted to your particular slice of bread). This is meant to cut a line from the top left corner to the bottom right corner of each slice, about half way through the bread. This will keep the bread from tearing when cutting your sandwich in half. If you don't plan on making a sandwich, ignore this step.

If you don't have access to a laser cutter:

Use a large straw to cut holes out of your bread slices. (cookie cutter style) Just keep in mind that if you're going to use your slices to make a sandwich, you'll most likely want to cut them in half, so be sure to leave a space diagonally (or vertically) clear of holes. Once you've created all the holes you'd like to, use a serrated knife to get the cut line started.(About half way through the slice) This reduces the risk of the structurally compromised slices tearing once they're filled with ingredients

Step 3: The Transformation

Picture of The Transformation
bread 7.jpg
bread 8.jpg

Once you have successfully cut the circles into your bread slices and removed the little hole bits, you can weigh one of those slices again and see the difference! I ended up removing 5 grams of carbs per slice!

Step 4: Build A Guilt-Free Sandwich!

Picture of Build A Guilt-Free Sandwich!
bread 10.jpg

With your new low carb bread, you can make tasty toast, French toast, or delicious sandwiches! - which is what I decided to make.

I used mustard only to help keep the calories down, and built up from there.

Step 5: One Sandwich, Two Halves

Picture of One Sandwich, Two Halves
bread 12.jpg
bread 14.jpg

Because the holes in the slices make them more likely to tear when the sandwich is cut in half, I had you cut a diagonal starter line through both pieces, so that once you go for it with a knife, that is less likely to happen. The other thing that will help prevent tearing, is building your sandwich in halves (like pictured). Apply your ingredients to each half separately so you don't have to cut through them, only the bread, reducing the amount of necessary knife vigorousness.

Step 6: The Cut

Picture of The Cut
bread 22.jpg
bread 24.jpg

When it comes time to make the cut, gently hold down both sides of the sandwich and place your serrated knife into the diagonal starter cut. Gently cut through the rest of the top piece and any stray ingredients. Then make sure your knife meets up with the diagonal cut line on the bottom piece as well.

Step 7: Lean, Light, & Oh So Tasty!

Picture of Lean, Light, & Oh So Tasty!

Not only is your low carb bread sandwich great for the waste line, It's super fun looking!!

It's also a great thing to share on April 1st... ; )

am111 year ago
Talk about working for your food! Lol
ianheavy1 year ago

This is absolute genius, I hope you've taken steps to protect your IP!

What can you ever do after this?

Paige Russell (author)  ianheavy1 year ago

Haha! Thanks ianheavy!

This is my food follow up: http://www.instructables.com/id/SnickerPoodles/

: )

I like the cut of your jib Paige.

Thanks for the link, if I fancy a poodle on my plate now I know how to prepare one.

I'll look out for more of your ideas.

sunshiine1 year ago

I spent some time visiting my daughter and her husband and tried to explain to him how many carbs are in 2 slices of bread. (His blood sugar is too high). When he fixed something to eat it was usually a full size sandwich. I sent him this link to drive it home. I love how pretty it looks! Thanks for sharing.


antioch1 year ago

The final solution to world hunger, obesity and diabetes!

ccroft11 year ago
So you spend that much time to cut out holes when you could have just half a sandwich with the same result?
Waztsn ccroft11 year ago

It looks cooler!

patsheldon1 year ago

whhhaaaat?? Haha this is so genius! Good job!

marsjer0001 year ago
Great instructable...I tried to make toast with my friends face on it with a laser cutter........it didn't taste the best
Gabeuse1 year ago

Hehe! now, I challenge you to slice breads with laser, like the bread laser-slicer-toaster in Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy! :)

Haha, love it!

Raitis1 year ago

Or you can just not use the bread for top and get -9.5g instead of -5!

That said, I totally approve of making a sandwich with a laser cutter. :)

kode13031 year ago
I might just make a thinner slice.
smurfi19891 year ago
Haha love it never before thought of making a sandwich with a laser cutter. Just gotta love it! ! :D

love it! <3

wazzup1051 year ago

Excellent !