Low Carb Bread

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The code has finally been cracked on how to enjoy a delicious sandwich without all the pesky carbs. Both your pants and your taste buds will enjoy learning this secret for how to make low carb bread!

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Step 1: The Original Slice

Picture of The Original Slice

= 19 grams.

am116 months ago
Talk about working for your food! Lol
ianheavy6 months ago

This is absolute genius, I hope you've taken steps to protect your IP!

What can you ever do after this?

Paige Russell (author)  ianheavy6 months ago

Haha! Thanks ianheavy!

This is my food follow up:

: )

I like the cut of your jib Paige.

Thanks for the link, if I fancy a poodle on my plate now I know how to prepare one.

I'll look out for more of your ideas.

sunshiine6 months ago

I spent some time visiting my daughter and her husband and tried to explain to him how many carbs are in 2 slices of bread. (His blood sugar is too high). When he fixed something to eat it was usually a full size sandwich. I sent him this link to drive it home. I love how pretty it looks! Thanks for sharing.


antioch7 months ago

The final solution to world hunger, obesity and diabetes!

ccroft17 months ago
So you spend that much time to cut out holes when you could have just half a sandwich with the same result?
Waztsn ccroft17 months ago

It looks cooler!

patsheldon7 months ago

whhhaaaat?? Haha this is so genius! Good job!

marsjer0007 months ago
Great instructable...I tried to make toast with my friends face on it with a laser didn't taste the best
Gabeuse7 months ago

Hehe! now, I challenge you to slice breads with laser, like the bread laser-slicer-toaster in Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy! :)

Haha, love it!

Raitis7 months ago

Or you can just not use the bread for top and get -9.5g instead of -5!

That said, I totally approve of making a sandwich with a laser cutter. :)

kode13037 months ago
I might just make a thinner slice.
smurfi19897 months ago
Haha love it never before thought of making a sandwich with a laser cutter. Just gotta love it! ! :D
arongumczyk7 months ago

love it! <3

wazzup1057 months ago

Excellent !