Low Cost Arduino Jammer 433 Mhz





Introduction: Low Cost Arduino Jammer 433 Mhz


In this project I will demonstrate the use of an arduino
as a jammer for the range of 433 Mhz using only 2 element´s

List of


-433 RF Module

Step 1: Project

For this project I use one breadboard but you can
simple connect the RF transmitter to the arduino, and also you can get the
power from the arduino board, I use 12 Volts.

The arduino will generate one square wave and it will
feed the RF module

I get the spectrum using one RTLSDR at the distance of
2 meters from the antenna

Step 2: Spectrum of the Arduino Jammer

Step 3: The Test

The test
was conducted using as an reference an CAR KEY, The typical spectrum of 433 Mhz
car Key is in figure A, the scale is in
db, the measures were taken using one RTLSDR Pen

Step 4: Where Is Wally ???

After I turn on the arduino and I press the car Key I get the spectrum of figure...

Where is the signal Key..

Step 5: Code

And now the best part .. the source code of arduino ;

void setup()

void loop()

tone(8, 15000); // generate square wave



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    43 Discussions

    Will the same code and setup work with the arduino mini pro

    May I ask if the same code and setup can be aplied to the arduino mini pro aswell?

    Will the same code and setup work on a arduino mini pro to

    How to jam 3g or 4g mobiles Sir ? Can u explain this following comment of yours

    triangle wave generator+noise generator-->vco max 2623-->rf power amplifer

    Dear Fprocyon:

    Could you please send me a e-mail with the RF amplifier diagram to increase the jammer range?



    Yes i could, but it was not the primary objective in this project, you can change the 433 RF module and use one TX-SAW433/S-Z with one amplifier stage using one BFG135 transistor..mail me and i will send to you the diagram

    Hello, Can you send me the diagram?

    Hi Brothers.i am from turkey.firstly, i need gsm jammer project with arduino diagram and programme code for final project. Share with me ? İ cant speak well english but understand. :)

    i need make GSM jammer for final year project. please send me arduino codes and RF module number.

    can u send me 900+1800 jammer codes

    Can it jam that signal of phone

    how can i do somthing like 3g or 4g jammer ? can email me how to develop it ? email me sir aribiner.aa@gmail.com

    this is cool.but can u explain about 900mhz jammer?like can u give me the circuit for it? email id:akshayavl16@gmail.com

    can I replace 433 RF module with a module that will generate 900mhz signal and if yes can you give me a link of a shop that sells one (like e-bay)??

    2 replies

    No, you have to figure out another alternative for that frequency (GSM), i can suggest the following configuration: triangle wave generator + noise generator -> VCO Max2623 ->RF power Amplifier

    It´s a more complex circuit

    can u plz give that circuit diagram? my email id:akshayavl16@gmail.com

    This looks interesting, but I'm not familiar with what a "jammer" does. Can you elaborate?

    1 reply

    pumps a bunch of gibberish onto the 70cm radio band, blocking legitimate signals from amateur radio operators, car remotes, and most importantly, radiolocation technology used by the UK and US governments. they're easy to build and illegal to operate.