Low-Cost Halloween Decor (Scary!!!)





Introduction: Low-Cost Halloween Decor (Scary!!!)

Hi :D

I'm back, and today i'm going to show you how to make a $0 Halloween Decor :D only if you have a printer in your home.

Before we proceed to the steps make sure you are at least 13 yrs and above and have a parent advice.

Step 1: Prepare the Templates

just drag and drop the images into the word document .

the picture is ready to print :D


Use A4 Size paper so you can have a nice copy of its face u can also use a thick bond paper for this images.

Step 2: Print Print Print !!!

And now print the template using your printer . make sure that you have enough ink in your printer before printing it because it may cause the print become pink. Like mine :(

Step 3: Cut Cut Cut !!!

the next step that you will need to do is to cut the template. be careful cutting those picture :)

Step 4: Tape Tape Tape !!!

for the face put some tape to the right side of the face so we can stick it later.

and for the arms just simply put some tape to the back of its fingers and palm.

Note: i use double sided tape so i can easily stick it on my door you can also use any other alternative tape or glue.

Step 5: Stick the Head !!!

when sticking the head make sure that you put some tape on the right corner of her face.

for the hand simply bend the thumb just and stick it with the use of glue. and now where done ^_^

Step 6: Our Simple Halloween Decor Is Done !!!

and now it is ready to scare someone :) .



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That's cool. I was thinking about doing something along the same line as this the other day. Since you did it, I'm going to have to do it too.

thank you :) oh i want to see your's :) dont forget to vote thank you