Low Cost LED Light Using Old Mobile Battery





Introduction: Low Cost LED Light Using Old Mobile Battery

This is very low cost and efficient LED light System ,using waste material .

This is better than HOME LIGHT product from eveready

because u can recharge it from your nokia mobile charger .
it contains 22 LEDs so it is very bright.

and you can use more than 24 hrs on every charging.

Step 1: Requrements

All stuff you need

1. [box]
1. [nokia charger female connector]
(u can get it from any nokia charger converter ,that converts big to small connectors).
1.[10 ohm resister]
1.[100 ohm 1/2watt resister]

22 .[WHITE LEDs]
1. [old any phone battery 3.7 volts]
1. [nokia charger for charging]

Step 2: The Circuit

This is very easy circuit.

Step 3:

take a empty box

Step 4: Measure for Hole

take box and measure for holes.
then mark for hole also mark holes.

Step 5: Insert Switch

Step 6: Insert LEDs

insert LEDs as shown below

Step 7: Connect Every Thing As Shown in Circuit

connect every thing as shown in circuit.

Step 8: Final Product

That is ur final project

U can use it more than 24 Hrs.
and just charge it 1 Hr every time u need.

this is my first instructable so let me know if i m wrong.
Thanks every one !!!!!!



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    and is it possible to use a solar panel to the project with the LDR, what size of solar panel would i require as my village receives alot of sunlight. so it becomes easier for us to charge. thanking you sir.

    Hi is it possible to add an LDR to the project ? if yes where can i add it?

    Hello fantastic idea. I am looking for solutions for my project making lamps out of beer cans and the best thing I found was to light them with old phone chargers. Your idea is cool I can make them wireless and rechargeable!

    how to add charging indicator light in this project plz tell me

    Did you wire all the LED'S in seires?Because I see that you only used 1 resistor.I think it was running of 12vdc.

    1 reply

    no buddy all are in series . the resister is for only work as protector . i m  using 3.7 volt nokia batt not 12 volt

    How are the LEDs wired together - parallel? Not familiar with calling resistors registers... L

    6 replies

    The picture says series, but they must actually be parallel considering the battery voltage used. A better question is how quickly will it fry the lithium ion cell with no charge regulator circuit.


    ya man,the li-ion battery cannot be charger directly from the charger output!!!
    it requires a "intelligent" charger. built around a li-ion charger IC such as the bq2000 from T.I.check this out.usually such charge regulator circuits are built-in to the mobile phone!!


    the circuit is for 4.2v cells.will it work with the 3.7v bl-5c nokia cells?


    Or, if you have a mobile phone that still charges but doesn't work as a phone (broken screen, broken aerial or whatever) you could put the whole phone in the light and use it as a charge regulator- most recent phones will charge even if switched off, and should draw minimal current from the battery.

    The charging is regulated, discharge is pretty heavy though. L


    This is a neat Instructable, and a clever design for a portable rechargeable light (might make a bike headlight like this...). My only criticism would be your circuit "diagram"- while I can understand it it isn't very clear to read. Providing a circuit diagram drawn with straight orthogonal (horizontal/vertical) lines and the conventional symbols for components (or a drawing if they don't have one) will make your circuit easier to understand.

    Thanks guys for correction. well every thing is ok now . i m using this very fine no problem with charging but remember one thing don't charge it more than 2 hours .