Its a very simple LED torch using very easily available components.
This torch costs you about 0.6$ and lasts for 50 hrs(approx).

components required are:
1).Hinged lockable plastic box.
2).Simple Switch
3).9 volt Battery
4).100 ohms resistor
5).8mm LEDs(we need a couple of them).........any type of LED can be used but carefully select the resistance value.
6).soldering equipment.

Step 1: One and Only One Step!

Make suitable dents in the box such that we can fit the switch and the two LEDs.

{longer arm of LED is + and shorter one is -}
connect longer arm of LED to + terminal of 9-V battery.
solder - of 1st and + of 2nd LEDs.(connecting them in series)
solder - of 2nd LED and 100 ohm Resistor.
R's other end to switch and Other end of switch to - of Battery.

THATS it our LED torch is finish....and ready to use.

Well performance of torch may be increased by using mirrors to direct the light.

Step 2:

i wanna thank
Vigyan Aashram

and Aravind Gupta Sir.
https://www.instructables.com/id/A-Simple-torch/ <br>I hope everyone will like this project
if you have a rechargeable 9V battery(LI-ion)will be much nice.anyway your project is nice
It will be a miracle if lasts for 4-6 hours. Anyway i liked your bight, clear pictures. Good Camera though!!!!.....:)))
It is impossible for this torch to last for 50 hours. Only the resistor, not counting LEDs will discharge it in below 6 hours.<br/><br/>Simple quotation:<br/>Ohm=V/A -&gt; A=V/Ohm<br/>A=9V/100 Ohm<br/>A=0,09 - power drainage =0,09A=90mA<br/><br/>Typical 9V battery capacity is 500mA, so 500mA/90mA=5,6, so battery will last only 5,6 hours before dead running only resistor for simplicity.<br/><br/>So, before you mislead people make equation, or simply experiment.<br/><br/>Btw, it would be MUCH more efficient to use proper voltage for leds without resistor, for example by using 2x 1,5V batteries.<br/>
I have to completely agree. Also since 9V's are the MOST expensive of the common batteries, I don't see how that is economical. A pair of cheap C batteries would give you 10,000 mAh @ 3v in parallel. If you wanted rechargeable it would be 3 C's 5,000 mAh @ 3.6v. That, more expensive.
&nbsp;so your saying this will only last six hours before it breaks
&nbsp;i think this is very economical..<br /> a new 9V battery just costs Rs.10

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