Low-Cost Multi-touch Whiteboard Using the Wii Remote

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Introduction: Low-Cost Multi-touch Whiteboard Using the Wii Remote

If you'd like to have your own multi-touch whiteboard, drafting table, or tablet PC. You can make one using a Wii remote and some IR leds pens. The IR camera in the Wiimote will track the location of the pens. With a little bit of software, you can map the camera data to the display position so you can use the stylus just like a mouse.

The software is available to download from my website at http://johnnylee.net



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    Does counterfeit / fake / Knockoff wii remotes also work the same way? Anyone tested with wiimote clone? or it only works with original one? Please answer.

    Do you think it would work fine with, say, Photoshop?

    Have someone tried pressure sensitivity?

    can it be use on a surface of a mirror?

    HELLO..well i have an integrated webcam ok..and it can DETECTS IR LIGHT..HOWEVER i DON'T HAVE a WII REMOTE..SO DO I HAVE TO BUY ONE OR NOT ?????thank u.

    This is so cool! Is it possible to use on iOS game like Infinity Blade?

    Could I take the IR emitters out of old TV remotes? Will those work? If so how many volts do I need going to the led?
    I was thinking of putting the leds on fingertips of a glove (4 fingers), will that work?
    Is there a way to make windows 7 recognize the input as a tablet/pen input interface (instead of a really big, fancy touch mouse as with smart boards) so I can have a full touchscreen experience? That would be really cool.


    yes you can infact you can press down a button on the remote and do it without destroying the remote

    I found out that this will not work because the remote sends out a binary code to the TV (so when drawing, you get dots instead of a line). The wiimote also cannot seem to see my IR LED because my had obscures it. I am using a 42" LCD TV, so could the TV be emitting IR light in addition to visible light?

    oh darnit so you cant use it period

    Hi there!

    I just bought an IR-pen (Sabre). I also have a wiimote, but i have no beamer.

    I tried to calibrate my pen, but it won't work. I have the software, i press calibrate, and the white screen apears with the red crosses. I press al 4 of them with my pen, but afterwards, nothing happens: i can't control my pc with my pen..
    I've put my wiimote in the right position, but it won't work..

    What am i doing wrong?