Introduction: Low-Cost Multi-touch Whiteboard Using the Wii Remote

If you'd like to have your own multi-touch whiteboard, drafting table, or tablet PC. You can make one using a Wii remote and some IR leds pens. The IR camera in the Wiimote will track the location of the pens. With a little bit of software, you can map the camera data to the display position so you can use the stylus just like a mouse.

The software is available to download from my website at


souravg009 (author)2017-10-13

Does counterfeit / fake / Knockoff wii remotes also work the same way? Anyone tested with wiimote clone? or it only works with original one? Please answer.

JosephKorso (author)2017-01-11

Do you think it would work fine with, say, Photoshop?

Have someone tried pressure sensitivity?

macadars (author)2013-09-16

can it be use on a surface of a mirror?

sbatrachenko (author)2013-06-16

HELLO..well i have an integrated webcam ok..and it can DETECTS IR LIGHT..HOWEVER i DON'T HAVE a WII REMOTE..SO DO I HAVE TO BUY ONE OR NOT ?????thank u.

gab0natchi (author)2012-08-29

This is so cool! Is it possible to use on iOS game like Infinity Blade?

epicnoobpwn (author)2011-11-23

Could I take the IR emitters out of old TV remotes? Will those work? If so how many volts do I need going to the led?
I was thinking of putting the leds on fingertips of a glove (4 fingers), will that work?
Is there a way to make windows 7 recognize the input as a tablet/pen input interface (instead of a really big, fancy touch mouse as with smart boards) so I can have a full touchscreen experience? That would be really cool.


ultimut cat (author)epicnoobpwn2012-07-02

yes you can infact you can press down a button on the remote and do it without destroying the remote

epicnoobpwn (author)ultimut cat2012-07-06

I found out that this will not work because the remote sends out a binary code to the TV (so when drawing, you get dots instead of a line). The wiimote also cannot seem to see my IR LED because my had obscures it. I am using a 42" LCD TV, so could the TV be emitting IR light in addition to visible light?

ultimut cat (author)epicnoobpwn2012-07-06

oh darnit so you cant use it period

tdemeyer (author)2011-11-08

Hi there!

I just bought an IR-pen (Sabre). I also have a wiimote, but i have no beamer.

I tried to calibrate my pen, but it won't work. I have the software, i press calibrate, and the white screen apears with the red crosses. I press al 4 of them with my pen, but afterwards, nothing happens: i can't control my pc with my pen..
I've put my wiimote in the right position, but it won't work..

What am i doing wrong?


RonnieJi (author)2011-07-02

To make you wiimote whiteboard looks like a commerical one,try iWiiBaord 5:

Dumchicken (author)2011-03-23

is it supposed to blink?

l99roufs (author)2011-02-03

Wich one of the programs are the ones for this insructable.

hamuni81 (author)2011-01-02

Hi dear, I need your help, I have a chines wiimote. I am facing problem to connect it with pc. Kindly advise can we use this remote for touch screen purpose.

nouserr (author)2010-08-03

Its awesome!!!!!!!!! really I have to have something like that at home!!!!!

Spydamonky (author)2010-04-10

 i cant connect my wiimote to my pc, its asks me for a passcode and i cant get it any where ive tryed everything like: null, 0000, (nothing) and loads more please help...

boonjin (author)Spydamonky2010-05-07


You will need to skip the passcode. If the Skip button is not present, you can press Alt+S on your keyboard.

If you would like to automatically connect the Wiimote with Smoothboard, you can use the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack.

For more information you can take a look at the Smoothboard- Wiimote Whiteboard wiki at

Boon Jin

LoganRussell (author)Spydamonky2010-04-23

Usually the passcode is "1234" unless it was changed.

brendanvista (author)2010-01-21

I already have an infrared camera that I use for head tracking. It would be so cool to be able to use it instead of the wiimote. All the software would have to do is not be restricted to teh wiimote. That would be super cool.

The problem is the wiimote does all the tracking, calculating, etc and all that the computer gets is the coordinates for each of 5(I think) points in space.  This means this processing would have to be taken over by the computer.  Should be possible but it would likely introduce some latency in the system.

qwertyman10 (author)2010-02-21

This will work amazingly well for me. First of all,  I have a wii remote that i cant use because the accelerometer is broken but the camera still works, and I am also trying to learn GIMP, and i want to try to replicate an actual pencil as cheaply as possible. Does this have to be done on a projector, or can I use a monitor?

boonjin (author)qwertyman102010-03-01


You can use any flat surface including your monitor.

If your screen is small, you may find difficulties clicking on a small spot as the IR pen's tip will be quite large in comparison to the screen pixel. :)

Here is an example of using an LCD screen.

Boon Jin

spydercanopus (author)2010-01-04

 This has to be a fake.  Fow do you connect a wii remote to a PC?  Show me that part.

RonnieJi (author)spydercanopus2010-01-05

Hi spydercanopus,

You cant directly connect a wii remote to a PC, you need to have abluetooth dongle plugged in your PC to talk to wii remote. And you need a bluetooth dongle software to pair your wii remote.

iWiiBoard has a built-in automated wiimote connect feature,which will save you lots of time on pairing your wii remote.

jcoolio97 (author)RonnieJi2010-02-07


I can directly connect my wiimote to my computer, as long as you have a new mac or pc.

spydercanopus (author)RonnieJi2010-01-05

 Very interesting.. I have all the parts needed to make this work so I might just try and get back to you.

boonjin (author)spydercanopus2010-01-20

If you are using the Ms Bluetooth stack, Smoothboard will automatically learn and connect the Wiimotes for you. You can learn up to 4 Wiimotes simultaneously with Smoothboard.

The Smoothboard software can be downloaded from

For more information on connecting the Wiimote on your computer, you can take a look at

RonnieJi (author)2010-01-29

Wii Remote is the most cost-effective solution for interactive whiteboard. You can look at to find out another option. But you need to upgrade your webcam with a IR-only light filter and many works on installing ir lights. It might takes you weeks to get all things done :(

iWiiBoard has a great solution for wiimote whiteboard. You can check it out

Honzik (author)2010-01-24

WOW! This is the best DIY touch screen, but I have a question... Is there anything that can be used instead of the wii remote?

boonjin (author)Honzik2010-01-28


At the moment, Wii Remote is the most cost-effective capturing device to turn your screen into an interactive whiteboard. This is because of the low latency and the relatively high resolution of the Wii Remote's camera. If you are using a web camera, your computer may need to handle a lot of processing to extract the dots.

You can take a look at this video to see how easy the interactive whiteboard can be set up.

Boon Jin

ROBOTMAN10 (author)2009-10-03

I am having a problem with the wiimote whiteboard program. When I start the calibration and point my led at the first cross hair all the cross hairs act like I pointed to them and the calibration ends! This is frustrating because I can only point to the first cross hair and then the calibration is complete.

RonnieJi (author)ROBOTMAN102009-12-12

ROBOTMAN10, try to use a powerful iWiiBoard wiimote whiteboard software which has a built-in automated wiimote connect feature.

mdgnys (author)ROBOTMAN102009-10-30

It may be that your ir pen has too wide of angle?

boonjin (author)ROBOTMAN102009-10-07

Hi,<br /><br />Most probably it is caused by stray IR sources detected by the Wiimote or a faulty IR pen.<br /><br />You should use <a href="">Smoothboard's </a>calibration viewer to determine the cause of the problem.<br /><br />If you did not activate the IR pen, no IR dots should appear.<br /><br />Regards,<br />Boon Jin<br />

ROBOTMAN10 (author)boonjin2009-10-09

Calibration works fine with smoothboard but when I try drawing it is really jumpy. In the wiimote whiteboard program this was never a problem. The wiimote whiteboard program worked for me for a while but when I increased the brightness of my ir led by increasing the voltage it started not working. I know the ir led still works because I have looked at it through a camera. When I look at the wiimote whiteboard programs ir light detector I only see an ir light source when I turn on my pen. However when it displays the number of ir light sources "1" it flashes like the ir sources is inconsistant could this be the problem?

boonjin (author)ROBOTMAN102009-10-09

It seems that the Wiimote is not detecing the IR source of the pen correctly.

Normally, this is caused by your IR pen blinking by itself (connection issue internally) or a non-genuine/faulty Wiimote where it could not track the IR point continuously due to Wiimote's camera sensor.

How big is the screen you are trying to calibrate?

In Smoothboard, you can turn to Presenter Mode and face the IR pen directly at the Wiimote to see whether the IR dot still flashes. If it still flashes, it means the IR pen is faulty (blinking) or if you have a permanent IR dot when near but not when far, it means the IR source is weak or the Wiimote is faulty.

ReCreate (author)2009-09-30


OneManUniversity (author)2008-07-08

Cool! Too bad I don't have bluetooth :[ Great 'ible!


Smoothboard now comes with autoconnect mode that does not require bluetooth. It has annotation features too.

Check it out at

costest (author)Stephanie F2009-09-12

but the wiimote uses bluetooth. how would it connect then?!

Stephanie F (author)costest2009-09-12

Oh. What I actually meant was the latest Smoothboard version does not require manual Bluetooth connection but can handle automatic connection with the computer through a Bluetooth adaptor using MS Bluetooth Stack.

angusware (author)2008-05-19

I've got everything I need, but the IR LED is only visible from directly facing the tip of the LED, is there any way to make the light also come out the sides so the wiimote can be off to the side and still see the IR light?

matt ledding (author)angusware2009-09-02

Wiimote should be off to the side, Francisco Cardoso Lima in his web page made this beautiful (visual haiku) drawing that explains the set up: wiimote height should be about the center of the board in height if it is straight.

Did you see how his pens had the LED jutting from the end of the pen shell so the whole LED was exposed? That way, light can escape from more areas than just the front of the pen. Also note that the Wiimote was off to the side. I hope this helps.

madhops0620 (author)2009-02-21

Every time I try to run wiimote whiteboard after connecting the Wii remote to my computer via bluetooth, I get the following messge: "WiimoteWhiteboard has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." The same thing happens when I try to run wiimote smoothboard. Any suggestions?

boonjin (author)madhops06202009-08-13

Have you tried the latest Smoothboard version 1.5? It has improved compatibility with Windows Vista and also Windows 7. Maybe you are unable to run the application because you do not have the Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework.

Smoothboard has an easy to access toolbar that provides annotation capabilities and navigation controls for your presentations.

The latest Smoothboard release can be downloaded from

matt ledding (author)boonjin2009-09-02

Smoothboard is a GREAT program, without a doubt. It is built on the Johnny Lee/ Brian Peek codes and concept, and made more functional, less concept toy. As Lee is busy working with project Natal with Microsoft, I think he is now focusing on making a machine that can do full 3d scans of your house, and perhaps teleporting people into the Matrix, than to really get the wii whiteboard software at optimum functionality... BUT... he created a monster with this, and now Smoothboard makes the monster dance happily. (And if Natal wipes out the wii, we will have some REALLY cheap wiimotes to play with... get working Johnny!)

lotusduck (author)2008-04-13

Could you use an IR webcam instead of a wiimote?

madhops0620 (author)lotusduck2008-05-09

It's possible. I've never heard of and IR webcam, is it like a night vision camera? If it is it can detect IR light but if it can see other things too then it will not work because the wiimote only detects IR light. This way it can ONLY see the IR light coming off of the LED and it will only respond to that.

lotusduck (author)madhops06202008-05-09

There's a good instructable on modding a cheap webcam to make an IR webcam. The method is to take out the IR blocker and insert the end of a negative camera film, which should block out visible light but let IR through. So in concept it should work, but I wonder if the program downloadable here will recognize a hard wired webcam in place of the bluetooth wiimote.

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