Introduction: Low Cost Nature Photography

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In this instructable, I would like tell about low cost nature photography. Expensive Cameras like certain DSLR's and tripods or any other equipments are not the necessity for good photography. Also a very expensive places are not required.

Here I would like to show some rules and tips for good nature photography. I have used a 10Mega Pixel camera for clicking all these photos.

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Step 1: My Device

The Device I used for photographing these images is:

Panasonic DMC-LZ10

It is a 10Mega Pixel Camera with 5x optical zoom available.

Step 2: Look Around You

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Look around all your surroundings and carry your camera with you whenever you are outdoors.

These all photos are clicked from the nearby nursery.

Step 3: Look for Composition

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Composition is the main thing in photography. Here in this image the composition makes it look good.

This image was captured from top of a bridge in my city.

The overexposed sunlight in this photo makes it perfect combination.

Step 4: Do Not "Over Edit"

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Over Editing honestly does not improves your photo but it degrades it.

To edit exposures and lighting Follow the steps below:

1. Open your pic in Microsoft Picture Manager

2. Click on The Auto Correct Button.

Step 5: Remember the Rule of Thirds

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The Frame is divided into 9 squares.

The cross linked line of the squares where you sharp subject should lie. This is Rule of Thirds.

Step 6: Some More Inspirations

Picture of Some More Inspirations

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AthaFauzi (author)2017-09-23

I made it

AthaFauzi (author)2017-09-23

I made it

gizmologist made it! (author)2017-03-28

It's not the camera so much as the photographer. I took this photo with a phone camera. And you are spot on about over-editing. Usually all you need is cropping and maybe the "autofix" option.

Thanks very much ..... Keep it up....

fred3655 (author)2017-03-23

I still use my LZ-10. It's a wonderful camera. The lens is amazing, colors are fantastic. I like what you said about not over-editing. Most digital pictures look so unnatural because people feel like they need to boost color and contrast on everything.

Patel Darshil (author)fred36552017-03-23

Thanks very much for your comment.

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