Introduction: Low Cost Oil Air Separator.

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The pcv valve of my wife's car has been released significant volume of oil into the air intake. Installing a new valve did not help. Here is how I went about making a low cost oil air separator for her vehicle.

Step 1: A Low Cost Fuel Filter.

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This cheap gasoline filter is widely available locally. It will make a great trap to condense oil mist and allow for just blow by gases to get into a intake manifold.

Step 2: The Oil Trap.

Picture of The Oil Trap.

This spare water bottle is perfect to hold the separated oil.

Step 3: Sealing Gasket.

Picture of Sealing Gasket.

The silicone gasket inside the bottle cap I put to use with the filter.

Step 4: Using the Bottle Cap.

Picture of Using the Bottle Cap.

I drilled out the sipper from the cap. Once tidied using my knife, the cap screws and locks the filter in place and makes the bottle air tight.

Step 5: Adding a Suction Line.

Picture of Adding a Suction Line.

Drilling a hole at the top of the bottle, I inserted a clear vinyl tube to pull the blow by gases into the intake manifold.

Step 6: Completion.

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My oil air separator is now complete and ready for installation into the car. The top will be tubed to the pcv valve and the vinyl tube will go to the intake manifold.

I will post a follow up instructable on the installation of this separator.


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