Introduction: Low Cost Tool Cupboard - Repurposed Particleboard/chipboard Pallets. Cheap & Cheerfull Woodwork Project. Armoire a Outils

Repurposing low end chipboard/particleboard pallets to make a handy tool cupboard for use in a well-ventilated workshop. Not materials I usually work with but 4 turned up recently at my suppliers and I had just the job to fit them. Also included, how to repurpose a set of door hinges to make a staple and padlock fitting, normally an expensive item to buy. I use a power tool for this becauseI wanted to photograph the sparks but you can make this with a hacksaw!!! This project cost me approximately 2 Euros/dollars/pounds, almost everything in it was repurposed.
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blkhawk made it!(author)2012-10-07

Congratulations! I learn a great way to create a tool cabinet using pallets. Also, excellent made video.

Organikmechanic made it!(author)2012-10-07

Thanks for your comments, much appreciated! We really enjoy creating items from repurposed materials and also making the films but getting feedback/comments is an additional bonus. Best Wishes from France, Organikmechanic aka Andy

audreyobscura made it!(author)2012-10-04

There are ads that are over your text for the entire video. Did you use copyrighted music? If you use other music, the ads will go away.

Organikmechanic made it!(author)2012-10-04

Hi, No my musical soundtrack is in the Public Domain, on a non-commercial licence but I have permission from the Artists of GreenEarthForever - Nowick and Eugene to monetise it. I never use copyrighted music. It is quite simple to turn the ads off, you click the x in the right hand top corner of the ad box they will go off the screen and not come back again. I've just noticed I left off the musical link in the description. I usually put it on so thanks for reminding me.

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