Introduction: Low Voltage Electrical Igniters

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I needed to make some electrical igniters for a future Instructable of mine. However, the lowest voltage igniter I could find required 9 volts, and I wanted one that used 4.5 volts. However, these can be powered by a single AA battery, though it is a bit trickier to work out. These worked almost perfectly for my needs. The only real problem is that you can only use them once before you have to throw them away.

Step 1: Materials

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You will need:

A straw.
Several matches. I used strike anywhere matches.
Small incandescent bulbs. I got them from mouser electronics. $0.30

On the provided link, there is a field labeled voltage. This is the voltage that your igniter will ignite at. I have found that the igniters should work at 1 volt below the provided number. For example, if they website says 2.5 volts, the lightbulb can light at 1.5 volts. Higher voltages mean that the lightbulbs will be easier to work with.

Step 2: Break the Light Bulb and Add a Match.

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With pliers, squeeze the end of the lightbulb until the glass breaks. Be careful to only squeeze the end, so you don't break the filament. Once broken, cut a small part off of a match head and put it into the lightbulb. Make sure that it is touching the filament.

Step 3: Tape.

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Next, wrap a little bit of tape around the match head and light bulb, so that the match stays in place.

Step 4: Add Your Straw, and More Match Heads.

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Now slide a straw over the tape. Drop several match heads into it.

Step 5: Satisfy Your Inner Pyromaniac.

To light these off, you simply connect the required voltage to the two leads. Mine was a 4.5 volt igniter, so I used 3 AA's.


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