Out of money?! But can't cancel your date tonight? Fix your own fancy shoes and be sure to make a good impression! You can't go wrong with high heels under your shoes!

Step 1: Construct It

All you need to make this work is a pair of good shoes, ducktape and two large buckets. The size of the buckets depend on what size of heel you feel comfortable wearing.

Step 2: Finish the Job

Just tape the stuff together and get your ass on the street!

Step 3: Show 'em Off

And you're done!
WHOA&nbsp;DUDE&nbsp;NICE&nbsp;SHOES<br />
But; they're not pointy enough to stomp though an attacker's instep! Isn't that the whole point of heels?
I'm may be a shoesmith, but I do know that heels aren't made to hurt people.
Have you ever read about what they do to women's feet/ankles/etc. even assuming no accidents like falling off of them...
The shoes I design are made for people (man and women) who know how to use them. People who cry about feet,ankles,etc. don't deserve to wear design shoes. This is a very important rule in the world of shoe designing!
Hahaha, I was afraid that's where this was going! How hard is it to walk around on those?
Depends on the occasion you want them for...<br/><br/>I wouldn't go scuba diving with these, but a small family party shouldn't be a problem.<br/><br/>I've sold these to my brother, walked with them all day.<br/>He is very content with his new look.<br/><br/>=P<br/>
Oh, yeah, diving wouldn't be the best idea, what with the filling of water and all. But I'm sure the fishies would find you quite stylish! Fish appreciate daring fashion.
I rate high value to the opinion of the fishes, they got really high fashion standards. (Have you ever seen those Nemo fishes?) I think I did well with this design, I'm already working on my next project. " A easy step-by-step instructable how to make a sandal of your favorite shoes ".
True, true.
Wow this is amazing! Those are some nice shoes btw, they kinda look like my own :D

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