Low Budget High Heels on Every Type of Shoe





Introduction: Low Budget High Heels on Every Type of Shoe

Out of money?! But can't cancel your date tonight? Fix your own fancy shoes and be sure to make a good impression! You can't go wrong with high heels under your shoes!

Step 1: Construct It

All you need to make this work is a pair of good shoes, ducktape and two large buckets. The size of the buckets depend on what size of heel you feel comfortable wearing.

Step 2: Finish the Job

Just tape the stuff together and get your ass on the street!

Step 3: Show 'em Off

And you're done!



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    But; they're not pointy enough to stomp though an attacker's instep! Isn't that the whole point of heels?

    4 replies

    I'm may be a shoesmith, but I do know that heels aren't made to hurt people.

    Have you ever read about what they do to women's feet/ankles/etc. even assuming no accidents like falling off of them...

    The shoes I design are made for people (man and women) who know how to use them. People who cry about feet,ankles,etc. don't deserve to wear design shoes. This is a very important rule in the world of shoe designing!

    OMG DUDE!!!!

    Hahaha, I was afraid that's where this was going! How hard is it to walk around on those?

    4 replies

    Depends on the occasion you want them for...

    I wouldn't go scuba diving with these, but a small family party shouldn't be a problem.

    I've sold these to my brother, walked with them all day.
    He is very content with his new look.


    Oh, yeah, diving wouldn't be the best idea, what with the filling of water and all. But I'm sure the fishies would find you quite stylish! Fish appreciate daring fashion.

    I rate high value to the opinion of the fishes, they got really high fashion standards. (Have you ever seen those Nemo fishes?) I think I did well with this design, I'm already working on my next project. " A easy step-by-step instructable how to make a sandal of your favorite shoes ".

    Wow this is amazing! Those are some nice shoes btw, they kinda look like my own :D