Took reference from LM386 datasheet and below websites.

http://www.electrosmash.com/little-gem-analysis (pin 7 is not ground, but in schematic it is grounded)

Here is my video while I was testing it with my acoustic guitar

Video with electric guitar


More cool version of it...

The lm386 is a cool little IC. I used a simple set up with it to go to a set of LEDs instead of a speaker, and they flashed when u hit a note. Naturally the LEDs got wired into the pickgaurd.
pls upload circuit diagrams<br>
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gOuZkXACmA <br> <br>this is my final video with the amp
I guess you might think im a bit annoying, but this is also missing all the steps (like the vodka bottle lamp) - There is not much instructable in a few pictures and links to other sites with the actual information. <br> <br>
I posted the links from where I took reference, but in case you need help, you can put the questions here I'll answer that :)
Mh76dk. You have made no instructables to date. You should make something before you criticize others. I think the project was awesome! And some are better than others at organizing there thoughts onto paper. again I say make something so we can critique you!

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