Low-cost portable speakers & 'amp' for the iPod (non-electronic megaphone)

Inspired by these two instructables, I get up my ass to make my first instructable by myself.
Ghetto Headphone "Amp"
Quick Easy Speaker Amp

See for yourself how good it is functioning in the video.

Does this sound familiar to you:
You are in a hotel or you stay anywhere else without a sounddock oder soundsystem for your portable mp3-player but want to listen to some music or an audiobook until you fall asleep? The Earbuds are to quiet for one or two people to listen to. And - believe me - you didn't want them in your ear all night long, at least of all not sharing them with another person.

I was sick of let the earbuds hang into an empty wineglass to amplify the signal. Not least because of the fact, I didn't got a wineglass everywhere I stay. So I remembered the old an not such fancy technique of the fluestertuete. Please be patient with my English and with this Instructable. It's my first one and I know it's not the trickiest of all on instructables.com but I read all these instructables and if there is only one of you, who find this useful, I am pleased.


What you need is one (mono) or two (stereo) sheets of paper. Probably you will find a sheet of paper everywhere - the bigger, the better but it should be in DIN A4 or letter at least.

Step 1: Get it. Roll it.

Picture of Get it. Roll it.
Get a sheet of paper (size does matter, but letter is okay.) You can use the hotels letter paper, a newspaper, foil, almost everything you can roll into a cone-form. And sure this is the next thing, you got to do. Roll the paper you got and make a cone out of it, maybe by putting your hand into the roll. You'll figure it out. The only thing important is that the hole on the smaller side has to be nearly the size of your earplugs.
GASSYPOOTS3 years ago
jsut tried it and it doesnt work D:>
gunman154 years ago
for a better quality rip the paper more shorter and it's amplified better too
MostVarious5 years ago
 wow, it actually works! A+
 brilliant! just what i was looking for! tnks so mch !!!!=D
nice idea, I just made these and linked em to my laptop, sehr gut!
deather6 years ago
THANKS IT really a gr8 idea man
deather6 years ago
what about the watch :D
ERCCRE1236 years ago
You said "without a soundsystem oder sounddock" and i just have to ask this question: do you speak german?
knarx (author)  ERCCRE1236 years ago
Yes, I do.
akinich6 years ago
hey i made one of those two years back but had no time to paste them here
love it thanks now you could also I mean this is just a maby but it in a small box to make it look neat or would that affect the sound
knarx (author)  mechanicalguru21127 years ago
I'll try it on weekend.
why would you want to cary one of those.
knarx (author)  monkeyman1236 years ago
You don't want to. You can make them everywhere. That's the thing...
I see cool man.
but I still think it is cool.
ps3_soldier6 years ago
i just tried it and its great!
a.mandolin96 years ago
genius. (:
RockinN6 years ago
sooo easy but sooo effective. I was amazed at how good the sound was when i made these. Great instructable!
toasterb0t7 years ago
wow... i feel stupid for not thinking of that. JOAN JETT FTW!
Scriptone7 years ago
Its so simple, thanks great idea. I wonder if I made a larger funnel, say using a tin fabric it might be even louder?
knarx (author)  Scriptone7 years ago
Yes, it will get louder. But maybe the sound will also be a bit more metallike. Thanks for the comment.
baneat knarx7 years ago
I don't think it can get much tinnier ;)
It sure will. In fact, you'll have made a Victrola.


PS: Whoa, very clever Instructable!
knarx (author) 7 years ago
Thanks a lot to all of you. @daviddd: you can also use gift wrap paper ;)
daviddd knarx7 years ago
Yeah, that would be a good idea now that i think of it. This instructable is favorited for me :)
daviddd7 years ago
Great idea. I like it because its really simple, and i reckon if you wanted to, you could colour it in and make it look better :P
cry_wolf7 years ago
Brilliant idea, very nice work and documentation. Favorited. :D
midas7 years ago
Thank you very much for this idea. it is simple yes, but how come we never thought of it... thanks again..
Badger_Man7 years ago
I've known this trick for a bit, so I wont comment on it, but I really like your English, like at the end instead of saying glue or tape this together, you said fuse, which made my day.