Introduction: Low Cost, Home-made Wooden Pulley Drying Rack/airer/dryer. Including How to Make the Wooden Pulleys. Bricolez, Etendoir a Linge Suspendu

All recycled materials, including how to make the wooden pulleys. Cheap and cheerful engineering in the practical use of recycled untreated pallet and fruit crate wood to make a pulley creel/airer/dryer. Detailed, step-by-step images and explanation. Great for drying washing, herbs, flowers and chillies above a woodburner or heat source.
Utile et pratique l'utilisation des palettes non traitées recyclé et de bois de cagette pour faire un étendoir à linge suspendu. Détaillées étape par étape, des images et des explications. Idéal pour le séchage de linge, des herbes, des fleurs et des piments.
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eviegirl (author)2015-11-28

Absolutely brilliant! Love it!

meanwun (author)2012-06-10

Ingenious. I wish I would have thought about this before I bought a pulley system to store my bike.

rimar2000 (author)2012-03-30

Very good work, thanks for sharing.

Thanks, you are welcome! Hope you have fun making one. Best Wishes from Basse-Normandie, Organikmechanic aka Andy

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