As a interaction design researcher interested in interfaces and physical interaction I often find myself in the situation of building new interfaces or testing and improving new ones. Since multitouch trackpads are so expensive and the don´t offer a simple way to interpret the touch input in programming software I build my own low cost multitouch trackpad following this instructable. This is what I found in my build, and once created you can use any programming software to follow, interpret and play around with the touch input.

Sounds great? Then follow this simple instructable and build your own within just a few minutes.

Step 1: Materials

Here´s what you need to build your own low cost multitouch trackpad:

> Cardboard (or box)
> Webcam (any webcam should work. I am using the Playstation Eye Camera due to its high framerate)
> Electrical tape (or ducktape)
> Glass (or transparent acrylic. I am using a picture frame since it already has a glass and makes a nice finishing of the trackpad)
> Plastic cup (or any other cup)
> white sheet of paper (any paper should be fine)
> Hobby knife or scissors to cut things

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