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This is a lowboard.
it is a skateboard, that is very low!  It's been on my mind for age to make one, and now i have. 
I recently made a longboard, and felt that I didnt really need my skateboard anymore, so I transformed it into the newly finished lowboard. 
The trucks are mounted on top of the deck, and the wheels then cut through the deck to be able to run on the floor.
the bolts were very hard to find and as I couldn't find them the right length and small diameter, but eventually I bought slightly larger bolts and just drilled the holes bigger.
The trucks are each held on with four bolts and four nuts.
i found that I needed to sand down the deck to make sure there was no grinding on the ground when riding it.
i have now found that when riding it doesn't grind, and it is very smooth to ride on a nice hill or flat ground.
i am very pleased with the outcome and really pleased with how it looks.
i hope you like it too, all comments are welcome,


tgaffney1 (author)2014-02-13

What screws did you use? like diameter thread and length

Yobonoc (author)tgaffney12014-02-14

They are the same thread and diameter as the ones that should go in there, only longer because obviously they have to reach further, also there needs to be a nut above and below the truck plate to stop it from dropping down into the deck

TheHumanWhiz (author)2013-08-02

How do you turn? Otherwise it looks really cool! I would like to try it but I don't have materials, I've got to get shopping!

JACKBARRY (author)2012-10-19

I'm going to do this but lower the wheels just a tad so I can carve and drift and as ilpug said I will put wheel guards on it

Yobonoc (author)JACKBARRY2012-10-23

post some pictures here when its done!!

waldosan (author)2012-06-12

this seems like a fun idea to try, if you loosened the chucks so that you could bend the joint there more do you think you could take turns sharper? or would you eventually hit a point where your board bottoms out?

Yobonoc (author)waldosan2012-06-13

Well the problem is that the trucks themselves are actually sitting on the deck, so his means that there is no room for them to pivot. And if I try and lift the trucks off the board, the wheels then don't give the deck enough ground clearance and the whole thing grinds.

But I have overcome this problem! by using bigger wheels, I can use some extra nuts to raise the trucks frm the wood, giving the bigger wheels more ground clearance.

If I can face spending the money on a new set of wheels again then I'll post up some picture, but otherwise it's just on the drawing board at the moment!
Thanks for the ideas!

waldosan (author)Yobonoc2012-06-17

ah i get what your saying now, it seems like you could probably just keep the screw holes where they are and cut the board all the way from one side to the other, you'd be sacrificing structural rigidity but at least you'd be able to turn...

wouldn't the bigger wheels rub against the wood or did you end up carving more of the deck wood away so that they'd fit?

Yobonoc (author)waldosan2012-06-19

yeah, basicly if you imagine looking down in the board, the holes can stay where they are, and then you would just have to cut the board in the direction of tip to tip if you get what i mean, the wheels are the same fatness on the axel line, but they just have a larger diametre, so its not necesary to cut towards the bolt holes anymore.

then you can add another few nuts to hold the truck up on the bolts so there is a gap between them and the wood, and then like you say, you can turn :)

Civicalized (author)2012-05-31

I don't know how this isn't featured yet... I don't skateboard and never really did, but this makes me want to go buy a cheap one and turn it into a lowboard. Nice work!

Yobonoc (author)Civicalized2012-06-02

Thank you! And I know what you mean, I could never get the hang of skateboarding, but this is just a nice way to cruise along the beach

ilpug (author)2012-05-10

I like this, but I would put covers cut from PVC Pipe over the wheels to prevent errant shoelaces and other stuff from getting sucked into the spinning wheels. It's an interesting design idea thouhgh- keep at it!

Yobonoc (author)ilpug2012-05-10

Yeah that's an idea, I have found that I sometimes rub my shoe on the wheel slightly and it slows me down so that could be the next stage

ilpug (author)Yobonoc2012-05-10

Yeah, you could heat-form some fenders from PVC pipe pretty easily.

Yobonoc (author)ilpug2012-05-11

Sounds like a plan, I may have to have a go and I'll get a picture up when I have some time to do it

pheenix42 (author)2012-05-08

Now this is just plain clever! I might have to give this a spin!

Yobonoc (author)pheenix422012-05-10

Do it! As I say it's an easy make, the trick is mastering riding it

TSC (author)2012-05-08

This is cool if I get a cheep skate board I think I might do this! Awsome!

Yobonoc (author)TSC2012-05-10

Yeah go for it! Once you've got the right sized bolts it's a fairly easy make, as long as you get the raising of the deck right, but a belt sander is the answer there

DreamHazard (author)2012-05-10

Interesting, have you considered mounting bindings on it? It might be a lot of fun if you strapped yourself down.

Yobonoc (author)DreamHazard2012-05-10

Definitely a possibility, thanks for the idea!
when I was snowboarding I saw a guy with a skateboard that had a single shorter ski on the bottom instead of wheels for going down the mountain, and that looked pretty fun

l8nite (author)2012-05-06

maybe I wouldn't break my neck on a low board... definitely different!

Yobonoc (author)l8nite2012-05-07

Thank you, and it's still quite a skill to ride it!

derte84 (author)2012-05-05

Great idea, quite poor instructable..

Yobonoc (author)derte842012-05-05

It does turn but for sharper cornering you need to press down on the back of the board to lift the nose and turn that way, but no different to a normal skateboard in that respect.
And it's only the gallery because I'm entering it into the wheels contest, if youd like more instruction then I can provide further information
Thanks for the comments.

derte84 (author)2012-05-05

does it turn?

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